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Six months had passed since Spike had vanished during Twilight's ascension. Six months of frantic searching, worry, and finally grief for the Mane 6 and princesses

That is, until a strange object lands during Twilight and Tirek's battle, carrying the lost drake back home...with a few changes and one heck of a story.

(Inspired by Tatsurou's 'Another Hatchling')

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Very nice.

Need to give it a quick reading proofread, though. Noticed a couple of typos.

finish your other fics first

That was some opening! This will give me great inspiration in writing my Naruto/MLP crossover. Very nice!

This story is sooo awesome! Can't wait for chapter 3! Please let this battle drag out some. I want these two to clash!

Well I I really like this, one question will Spike have his own attacks or will they be copies of DBZ characters attacks.

So far so good. I can only wonder who adopted Spike...

6960046 well, the Kamehameha is a given, you gotta admit, but I'm working on a couple for him

6960157 Everyone wants to do that move,It would be cool if he used the less used moves like the Telekinesis or that move that lets them split into three. or the weird ones like the clothes beam, just to show of not battle wish. Can't wait for Dash to challenge him to a race.

6960743 or the Solar Flare? (always liked that one to be honest)

6960783 I was hoping you'd say that.

MLP/DBZ?! Let's go!:moustache:

All I'm going to say is, "be careful"! You got typos and crossovers are tricky. And I sure a lot of your reader know DBZ.

Looking good! Keep it up!:moustache:

And stay away from DBZ: GT. Just don't do it!:ajbemused:

6970535 Dang it! I thought I got them all.

As for GT, don't worry. I'm steering clear of THAT atrocity

Why did Fluttershy look incredulous about Rainbow reading manga? She draws anime characters!

oh snap i got to get some popcorn this battle is going to be epic!!!

How close are you to finishing the next chapter?

7040436 Still at it. Never really written a fight scene before.

not bad ill give this 7/10 thats a decent score for a first time doing a fight scene if you to improve on able describing a fight scene for it in the future you could watch afew dragon ball z shows and maybe afew martial art anime series episodes for extra refine points

I wonder how Spike got on King Kai's planet. I mean, normally you have to die to do that... Pretty good start though.

I like what you have done so far and I look forward to seeing where it goes :pinkiehappy:

Summoning storm clouds? Spike can likely do that too. One of the common side effects of powering up. Not as common as gravity fluctuations and stray bolts of electricity, but still common.

"Solar whaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Tith that, Tirek's world erupted in searing white

'It's like seeing Chrysalis naked in the shower! Oh, wait... Chrysalis is always naked. AAAAAAAAAHH!'

Sorry, TeamFourStar fan :twilightblush:

Still going good. But, Spike's, not a Sayian! Don't do it!:ajbemused:
He would look badass with golden yellow scales, but the back story for it would never work. Just saying.:twilightsheepish:

Keeping it interesting though. Still liking this story!:moustache:

7082372 Don't worry, me and Tatsurou have something worked out.

Well that was a fun chapter and not bad for you first fight scene, It's just so much fun seeing Spike take Tirek out like a fly. Also I have to agree lame use of that power just changing the weather.

So tell me if am close he was adopted by Goku at one point. Please tell me Spike and a Sayian fight in their gaint forms that would be so cool.

Finally what time line are you working with before Gt, Battle of the Gods, After GT, Fresa's gold form, or Super?

7082503 Close, but not quite.

As for Beerus and Gold Freeza. Haven't planned that far just yet.

GT isn't officially canon to the Dragon Ball verse.

7082436 Cool. Sorry to keep picking at things. DBZ, is one of my favorite anime series!:pinkiehappy:

7082518 Please tell me that close not quite means that there will be a giant Lizard vs giant Ape battle.

7082557 im pretending it never existed because they killed krill in even though they did have the right to do and that was pretty uncool and fucked up when they did :ajbemused:

a little rough but enjoyable story. i will be watching :pinkiesmile:

7099102 managed to start it. Dunno why, but I can NOT start work on a new chapter w/o getting the title first.

Very nice!

You know, between King Kai's telepathy and Luna's dream powers, they could conceivably do the retelling of Spike's adventures in the dream world. Not only could they meet King Kai face to face that way, but that would make it possible for them to watch the events unfold as they're described.

Hmm... About how old is Spike, human maturity scale, as a thirty year old dragon?

7139339 For simplicity's sake, I'm going for around Goku's age at the start of DB (around 12), give or take a year.

In the same vein as Another Hatchling, but instead of Samus, he was raised by the Son family. I just realized that Gohan and Goten are his adoptive nephews. Can anyone imagine Spike being afraid of Chi-chi?

7139442 Yes. Far too easily. Might be TFSAbridged influence, but far too easily XD

I can see him studying with Gohan too, and sneaking comics with Goten.

7139461 Yep, I can imagine him being a mix of the two. In canon, Spike LIVES with Twilight and he reads comics mostly because there's nothing better for him to do. I also notice that Momlestia is canon here.

7139481 Yeah, personally I see Spike and Twilight as more of a sibling-like combo when not written into a romantic light.

I wonder how they react if they heard the part of spiked died

So power wise his he close to Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, or Goku? J just thought if you're going all the way to Dragon Ball can Spike learn those weird powers from the dragons of the early series, like the gumy breath.

7141933 Probably won't That gum seems more like a genetic ability, to be honest.

As for strength level...might be a tossup there.

Hmmm, stop at the "Boo saga"? Cool.

7147977 Yeah. I'd sooner throw in Sailor Moon than GT.

Although....that could be funny as hell.

:moustache: *picks up the tiara he just got beaned with* Who threw that!?

How's the next chapter coming along? Are you working on more than one chapter at a time?

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