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On the anniversary of her sister's banishment, Celestia comes across a lost dragon egg during her traditional walk that day. Desperate for some form of companionship, she decides to hatch it herself

However, she didn't quite take into account the effect the amount of alicorn magic she used would have on the egg's contents.

Be ready for a Spike quite unlike any you've seen (and I do mean that quite literally ! )

(just using the 'Other' tag because of the five character limit)

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god dam it a kirin isn't as badass as a dragon

I'm going to withhold judgement until we see how non-draconic he is... but it's still a good read so far

please, continue...

Is he a pony with dragon eyes and certain parts, or is he more dragon than pony (like claws and such with the tail and maybe some bat pony wings) or can he shapeshift?

4500538 You'll see:moustache:

Don't wanna spoil it

Aw hes a pony I thought he was gonna be a drag, oh well

"This is new, even for me."

Yup, my thoughts exactly. Spike born as a Kirin is actually something I've never in my 1794 favorites... good job! :yay:

--Pyro The Faithful Reader

...just double checked all my favs and the stories I've got on back-order, ie: not read just yet. ...you sir, are the first. 'GRATS SON!! AND NOW, MR. TOURGE WANTS TO GIVE YOU A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE TOURGE CORPORATION!!




they would learn first hand just how creative she could be with a mountaintop and plenty of butter.

I don't know what you were thinking of here and honestly I don't really want t know because even on my own that one sentence sent shivers down my spine simply from mental pictures

4502195 LOL I kinda got inspiration from Blood Brandy's one-shot collection.

4502219 never read them, and if they inspired that comment I will try to avoid them

4502333 Relax, it was from a shot where Celestia literally WAS spike's biological mother.

and Queen Chrysalis made her mad.

the line was "But Celestia, oh, she looked pissed...supremely pissed...like glowing eyed, "I am about to sodomize you with an astral body" pissed as her mere magical presence burned off any remaining mucus.

Buggering someone with the top of a mountain, what a wonderful idea. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss: can't wait for the next chapter.... Though, what's happens with twilight's test now?

what does a kirin look like in he story ?

Hmmm...., you have my attention!:trixieshiftright:


I always enjoyed 'Tia best when she was being motherly, especially with Spike. It's just too damn cute! I can't handle it!

I am now officially interested.

So am I.

Kuzan!? Ain't you suppose to be sleeping somewhere that isn't here?

Aren't you suppose to be getting ready for work?

...God damn it!

you have the attention of me and my panzer mare

Just because he can't breathe fire doesn't mean he can't shoot it out of his horn. But still this is a nice twist to Spike's back story and I can't wait to see how it effects his future.

nice trade off idea for the flames

is this human?

flailing her arms wildly

um celestia only has legs
or is this human??
i can't tell :twilightangry2::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

...love it so far

4529230 wired my studies show 90% of myths show fire breathing Krins

4529296 i don't know what that means? plz tell me. :rainbowhuh:

4529304 what i meant mate was that instead of breathing fire, the author chose to make it when Spike casts spells, the light emitting from the tip of the horn is a flame.

Kirin or dragon, Spike still knows how to woo the laidies.:moustache:

Will there be Spilight? Because I hope so.

4529304 Your study shows 90% of them breathing fire. What you do look at 10 pictures and saw only 9 of them breathing fire cause that's the only way it's going to be 90%. Plus you just said 90% which means there's only 10% left which also means Spike is part of that 10%. Your study was a waste of your time.

4529305 I see why you don't know he/she spelt it wrong. it's anthro

4529593 no i still don't know what it means. also i just lost a good hundred words i type for a chapter of my story :raritydespair:

A transference spell? Wow, that's great, a whole lot of people just skip to straight up healing spells, very refreshing to see that! :twilightsmile:

4529606 Anthropomorphic, humanoid animals.

4529305 most krins can breath fire in most mythology

4529563 try TEN cultures from across our planet and time

4530039 Greek, Chinese, Japanese etc all have fire breathing krins in there mythos

4530051 I mean ummm as in that's not what I asked in my comment :facehoof:

Regardless of his shape or form Spike has got swag! No female can resist his charm!

Personally hoping for Splight or harem with Splight in it

Edit: someone also needs to draw a picture of this new version of Spike

Upon reading this chapter I can officially say this.

4530059 anthro is pony/dragon/any sentient being walking on two legs like humans

4530930 thanks, some one awaners my quistion

yes i no care about spelling :pinkiesmile:

Actually, if you wanted to include the whole "Spike beat Sombra" dealio, you could just have Sombra be a Kirin too. I mean, look at him. He's either part dragon or a retarded vampire.

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