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This group is a group for someone who needs someone to help him/her with a story. Don't be shy no shame in needing help if anyone judges you he will be kicked out of the group. Or if you know someone who needs help recommend this group.

Note that a user can be a co-author, a contributor can be a editor, and a admin can do both.

Check out this group. This place is cool too!

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How does Co authoring work?

Am I ever going to get help from someone to co-author and proof read my story? Or is this group a waste of time?

I can’t keep doing this alone. I’ve had help with editing on a few different occasions and I greatly appreciate them for their help. But the real problem I’m running into right now is I’m loosing my focus and any new part that I add to my story sounds wrong even though you might say it works. That is why I came here looking for a coauthor, someone else to bounce ideas off of and maybe add some of their own. I want to finish my stories but at the rate I’m going, I’ll complete them by the end of the decade.

Well already have one co-author but more help would be welcome I guess.

Apparently, someone thinks my story needs an editor. I already have a few editors, and I think they're doing a decent job, but if someone else wants to join in, sure why not. (Adults only.)

Well found out my story was put in here. So if anyone has any help they can offer PM me or respond to this post. Thanks and have a great day!

Any help you guys would provide would be greatly appreciated.

If there is no time or anyone to help I ask respectfully my story be removed from your group until it can be helped; or just leave it alone and let it go where it will...

I could use some help with my storoes, mostly 'One and a Million'. I just need a beta though

I could use help; three stories could use it...2 mostly...If they can be helped.

However my story got here any help being offered kindly I greatly appreciate.

Okay.... An editor is actually needed to find out what's going on with my story that I just put up not too long ago. Contact me if you'd like to help me out. I really need it.

Hello! I would like to request some editorial service on my stories. I have most of it down pat, but sometimes I miss a thing here or there when spot-editing a new portion in or what-have-you and forget to patch it, or have some awkward/incorrect phrasing here or there. It would be great if somepony would be kind enough to read through them and inform me of any mistakes I made.

Please feel free to PM me if you wouldn't mind helping (and don't mind very NSFW stories)!

Thanks in advance!

i need serious help

311906 That sounds like an 'Engraved Invitation' to me.

I would need some help with a story of two. :pinkiegasp:

Hey everypony! I need some help with my story, is there any editors here to help me with it?


313418 Hey thanks. :twilightsmile:

312873 well then i guess i will send you a link once i get it done, or at least the first chapter anyway:twilightsheepish:

312552 I'll admit that sounds epic a group of the elements of nature, awesome. :rainbowkiss:
Anything I see that interests me I will review, but don't worry for new writers I focus on the plot, story, and other things not as much as grammar. :raritywink: Hell to be honest I'm not good at grammar so I know how it feels when I have trouble, but I do know where to put punctuations, comas and other things.

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