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Spring is back once again · 3:13am September 22nd

Hello everypony, you must know or already knew. Spring time 00:00 09/22 is the best day of the year for me... Because it's my birthday XD

I'm so glad this September became a great month for me, I could have a trip on my aunt's farm, and after that I finnaly got a job after almost 2 years unemployed. And now with my birthday and Spring time to end this month in the best way.

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I can understand. I always like to write stories about Sunset and Spike being siblings. XD

In the world of momlestia, Spike and Sunset are siblings. Lol

Well thank you so much! I love writing Sunny Shimm. :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoyed reading from the begining. It becames one of my favorites about Sunset Shimmer.

Thanks for adding The Return of Sunset to your bookshelf! I hope you'll let me know what you thought of it! :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I wish the same for you on whatever you choose to do! Keep being awesome!

I wish you good luck on that. XD

Ohhh, that's where the "cafuné" comes from. That's actually a pretty clever thing to put in. It lightened the otherwise random and (for Spike, at least) uncomfortable situation and brought the story together. Now, why couldn't I have done something like that in my entry? Oh well, maybe next time. XD

Thanks for your consideration XD, and thanks for watching me. I wrote that chapter thinking about a sweetie way of Spike with somepony he is total against to meet again, and Grant gave me that suggestion. I did my best to add a cultural thing of my country as I always do in my fictions, and thank you for enjoying my chapter. Not just me but I think Grant will be happier after knowing that as well. XD

  • Viewing 2,029 - 2,038 of 2,038
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