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30th followers post. · 10:49pm April 11th

I want to thank everyone who believed in me, my stories, and my posts, you all are the best.

So I have to tell you all why I didn't post some publication of my stories and ideas. My College took me all the time I was having with their projects and classes, but good news everyone, this Sunday my boss changes my day work, making me starts to work in noon to 6 p.m here, so I will have more time for you and my studies. So my next projects...

1.One friend is editing the Breezes of Loyalty, and he is doing everything he can, I praise him for that, because I was needing anyone for help me with the edition, but I didn't needed to ask him, he already offered himself to help my fiction, and in the end of this year I will publish with his help more 3 chapters bonus on Christmas Eve or in New Year.

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Okay I will ask to you some things, what kind of relationship they have. What are their problems, their likes, and what kind of comedy I can do with them.

A humorous Picture of the mare and stallion in my avatar.

Your welcome, I'm glad to talk to you. XD

Thanks for the watch!:twilightsmile:

what kind of art do you have on mind?

May have one now, but it's only if you're not really busy...

thanks, and if you have some requests be free to ask and when I have a way and time to do, I will make the best I can do.

I see. Well, thank you. I look forward to seeing your next pieces...

I liked to talk to you, and all the people who talks to me about my art, I really want to remember because what if someday they want to talk to me or I need to talk to them. XD

  • Viewing 1,805 - 1,814 of 1,814
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