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A story which I had a much pride 4 years ago · 1:25am October 19th

I took a long look at my stories over my account and I checked a story that I didn't publish. It was a great story I have been working a few years ago, so I gave a cheek and how much potential it had.

So I'm happy to show again that story with a few more details and edited by me. I really reccommend it because the potential it has.

Hum Drum vs Power Ponies. -Operation D.R.A.G.O.N

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You deserve it. It was an enjoyable fiction.

Thank you for the faves! :heart:

You deserve it. Firstly I was curious, then I became interested. Now I'm sure you will do a great work. Keep doing this amazing job.

Behold! The legends foretold of a great legend who would legendarily press the favorite button of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake! You are that legend!

Comment posted by tx-300 deleted May 27th

Good morning

Thank you, I hope you enjoy all the fictions XD

Your doing great boss keep up the good work

  • Viewing 2,043 - 2,052 of 2,052
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