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My first troll fiction. · 3:17pm Last Thursday

The password

Hello everyone, I watched an interesting video over the internet and I thought... What if I make some troll funny fictions just for me and some other people share a laugh and enjoy their time.

So I created a first troll fiction named The Password...

While some fiction I pass days and a lot of hours to make the fiction look fine and readable to everyone, this one I just gave a meh and laughed writing.

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Sorry to see that this guy is following you :twilightoops:

Comment posted by Switch Swap deleted January 1st

Well this one I will do if I finish everything from the list first, so I will not know when it will be done.

When you finish this request(and maybe a couple other ones from other people), then do you think that you could do another request

This one would use Switch(name of my OC) and Nosey, but also a bat-winged Alicorn-zebra hybrid(specifically, a cross between Switch and Nosey; as their daughter)

It would have the three of them in front of a house in Ponyville that has a sign saying
“Swap residence”

Unfortunately, I can’t find the PM that has a image of my OC, so you’ll have to use the details for that one

But here’s Nosey

Thank you so much

Don’t tell Nosey though, it’s a surprise for her
We’re kinda more than just friends

Alright, if you want to give me the references to check up. I will be glad. It will be finished next week because I have a full schedule but you are on my list on what to do. So don't worry I will make it your art request.

  • Viewing 2,070 - 2,079 of 2,079
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