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My pleased fellows and friends over there. · 11:50pm November 30th

I'm Caio... thank you...

(KIDDING XD. ) I'm so freaking happy because yesterday was the last tests at my college, so... I WILL GRADUATE, I FINALLY DID IT. I finished my studies about Graphical Design so now I can start looking for jobs in Design category here. And work with art was one of the best things I ever did at my life, it is a job I really want to do.

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No problem, I really enjoyed reading.

Thanks for adding A Glimmering Birthday for Spike to your library.

Sorry for being any for so long my friend.

Thanks, I let them know.

You and all your friends are invited. Later I will explain the rules and background of everything. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite.

He will have his own unique weapons, he will tells them his story about what happened on there and how he became so powerful. XD

You should make him have a unique weapon. Maybe he makes one before he comes back.

Eeyup, and after him coming back to Equestria everypony will not believe in how badass he became. XD

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