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There is some mysteries which should remain occult. If exposed, would cause such impact in our lives which will never remain the same.

That's why with the invention of the smartphones, some genius as well created the protection password.

Thankfully because of these 4 numbers we are still capable of being seen as straightforward and respected people. If everyone knew what we hide behind cellphone's password, nobody would never shake hands with other person ever again.

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Too bad neither of them knew that smart phones can make emergency calls while locked.

Even while dying, Spike annoys people :facehoof:

And thats why you should have your phone set for emergency use

Yeah, usually there were people who even in the last moments would be annoying, but thinking about it, some people would die instead to have their secrets exposed. LOL

Yeah, sometimes the panic makes people don't think about it.

Exaclty, there would be easier for people around lol.

I was thinking we’d get to see what Spike was trying to hide.

Maybe in the sequel. Because this couple will have more stories about this slice of life of absurd. XD

What the hell is on your phone, that you would literally let yourself die then let aria see it. Is it nude pics of her sisters, are you sexting with them, or maybe it's Twilight, or dog porn.

Or d. All above and worse. LOL

Well to be true... It's Spike's fetiches discord group he created. All his friends has some fetiches and they share in common in Discord.
Read the spoilers by your own risk. LOL

Spike likes woman wearing sexual strips, and like to make sex in both ways...
And he has elbow fetiche as well, he has the elbow photos from all the human 7 and from his girlfriend and sisters as well...

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