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We love the Dazzlings! We love reading and writing about them very much! Sunset Shimmer loves them too - Adagio, at least - but everyone knows that. And we're all aware that Aria and Sonata love each other. And of course Pinkie Pie is very fond of Sonata, too. But who else loves the three sirens? This is the group to join if you want to find out!

Maybe Aria plays knight protector to a vulnerable Fluttershy? Perhaps Sonata is part of a comedy double act with Applejack as the straightpony? What if Adagio, Rarity and Octavia fell in love with each other's beautiful voices and set out to bring more elegance to CHS? Or how about bringing the side or background characters into it more, and having Aria go adventuring with Daring Do, or Sonata try to seduce Principal Celestia?

Uncommon Dazzling Ships - if there's a story shipping the sirens, and it isn't SunDagio, SonAria or SonPie, then this is the place for it.

Each month we will be spotlighting one pairing, or suggesting a writing prompt. This month's area of focus is:

Aria x Sunset!

SunDagio is a siren ship so popular we don't allow it here, and its widespread domination means that Aria x Sunset can often be overlooked. But in many respects, Aria is closer to Villain Sunset than Adagio - a permanent scowl, a badass jacket, a willingness to resort to violence to get the job done (which one tends to associate more with Aria, though there isn't so much to support it in canon), and even a history of rebellion towards the authority figure in their life (in Aria's case Adagio, in Sunset's case Princess Celestia). Even for a story set after Sunset's redemption, that provides a lot of common ground she can relate to with Aria. Curiously, there are currently lots of friendshipping stories for these two, but only a couple of romances.

Why would someone whose every distressed fibre screams 'edgy' be interested in someone as pure and virtuous as Sunset? What might someone as dedicated to the magic of friendship as Sunset Shimmer find to appreciate in someone who's never said a nice thing about another person ever, ever, ever? Here's a well-regarded sample of the ship, but we need you to write more! Maybe it's Aria who beats the daylights out of Zephyr Breeze when he tries to slip something into Sunset's drink at a party. Maybe Sunset knows she'll need someone tough as nails to survive in the barren wasteland post-apocalyptic Canterlot has become, and tracks down Aria for her quest across the shimmering sands. Maybe Aria seeks out Sunset to befriend her, purely for how much it will annoy Adagio.

Enchanting artwork provided by lashesgem, with the piece further up by spottedlions, may they inspire you to come up with a delightful new tale of the Sunshine and the Storm Cloud.

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426554 You're welcome! Good to have you here! :twilightsheepish:

i like to say thank you for the requests for this nice group

Hello everyone Cojo5536 here, and I want to say, thank you. Thank you for the incredible growth we've experienced over this past month. Thank you, for making us THE top trending group of December 2017. However we won't stop now. Over the next year we hope to grow even more as a group and spread our love for uncommon ships with the Sirens. Now lets get to work.

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