SunDagio: Sunset Shimmer x Adagio Dazzle 617 members · 189 stories

Adagio Dazzle is a sexy siren.

Sunset Shimmer is a sexy pone.

Let's ship them together why not?

Seriously, though, there's so much potential here. Shades of mutual redemption or corruption. Adjusting to life as humans. Cuddles! Etc etc. Plus their colours are complementary. So here's a group for this unappreciated (read:crack) ship.

Oh, one more thing: Friendshipping is fine too.

[1] All the FimFic rules, obviously
[2] Don't be a dick

Yeah, I think that about covers it.

Group image is by SkycatcherEQ. Check out his dA here.
Group banner is by MitBoy. Check out his dA here.

Thanks, guys!

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This time, I made a western for the ship~ :twilightsmile:

I was not aware that people could add stories from other authors. I just had a story of mine added to two different folders here by someone other than me. :rainbowlaugh: I didn't know people could add stories to folders from a different author.

Are we allowed to announce a competition from another group in this group?

hi i just became a fan of the sunDagio couple someone could rewrite some fanfictions on this couple I read everything and you are super strong ❤️

I want a SunDagio fanfic.

I sketched SunDagio.
(See Avatar)

Uh, is anyone doing free requests for a single Chapter of a Sundagio fanfic?

All hail the future phoenix alicorn princess of Equestria! 😉

I love this ship with all my heart. Tales of love between a Sexy Siren and a Friendly Phoenix make my heart soar (I'm sorry to anyone being offended to me referring Sunset Shimmer as a Phoenix)
Congratulations! This group was just listed in New Groups.

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Never even considered this ship in the past. Now, though...I can't believe the idea never crossed my mind.

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