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Welcome to the Sirens group, where we honor and praise our lovely Dazzling overlords, also known as Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk.

Here, post any story about any of the trio, even two or all of these lucky ladies. Discuss in our forums about them, and other things related to them in the Equestria Girls universe. And remember, be friendly and respectful to other members! Or else us admins can assure you that you won't be staying for the encore!

Because the founder of the group has since left the fandom for greener pastures, if you have any queries please contact one of the two active admins:

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The siren are as the enimeniacs

Sorry for bad inglish

Sonnata has a crobat, a mega evolving houndoom named rover, a rayquaza named Cyclone a samurott, a tapu koko named shockey, and a kartana named switchblade.
So tell me what you guys think of these, maybe op teams I made for the sirens.

Aria's team is a sableye,named ruby that can mega evolve, latias, which can also mega evolve and named jet, a magmortar, palkia, named infinite, a reuniclus, and a genesect named blast.

I've finished Adagio's team
aggron: her ace, named Bouncer, can mega evolve.
seismitoad: Boombox, helps with pinning down her meal.
kyurem-black: her WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Named Ice Age. ( all the dazzling will have 3 legendary, mythical, or ultra beasts, and at least 1 starter.)
decidueye: Arrow, her spy/ assassin.
silvally: Roulette, her pokemon that is her ride/ guard dog.
guzzlord: Black Hole, her last ditch effort to beat foes.( also symbolizes the sirens gimmick of eating magic)

You know, maybe I can give the dazzlings... pokemon teams? Maybe? For one thing, THEY WILL THEAR THE MANE 7 ASUNDER!:pinkiecrazy:😈

Just a heads up but the picture for the Sonata Dusk story folder won't load, it says it is a invalid image

Hi everyone. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

What about the siren's going toe to toe with a god like Anubis

Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted Nov 6th, 2018

Dazzlings = Heathers

Theres just never enough fanfics of these beauties and there CERTAINLY not enough FINISHED fanfics of them!


Actually, since the group has so many of their stories in it, it'll now pop up anyways, as it'll automatically detect the tags of them. :raritywink:

413036 I used all three of their names so that if someone were to search any one of their names, this group would pop up.

413036 they should to Jurassic park

Why not just make the name of the group, The Dazzlings?

coldplay has better music then you girls


That was my story I took it down because of how many negative reviews it got. Sorry

Quick question, who is the artiest of the club pic?

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