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Award-Winning Literature

My Pieces That Have Won Awards:
(A selection... five have been honored enough to have won awards.)

TBoulder and Phyllis
A love story of those who are left behind.
SparklingTwilight · 1.1k words  ·  25  1 · 297 views

Judge's Prize in the Crackship Contest.

THarmony Terminated Us All
"Harmony doomed us. I killed Cozy Glow (although she was always a robot). If anycreature remains, heed this warning." -Former Princess Twilight Sparkle.
SparklingTwilight · 6.4k words  ·  16  1 · 534 views

Committee prize for: "The Cozy Glow Committee Award for Best AI Apocalypse" in the Sci-Fi contest

TQuestionable Poetry of Errors
Maud grades questionable poetry. Trixie acquires questionable artifacts. And, Starlight does something Trixie questions (but not too deeply).
SparklingTwilight · 1.6k words  ·  16  2 · 275 views

Bicyclette Prize for Most Literature in the StarTrixMaud Contest!

The Sparklingverse! (Simply, an Index)

- All of my stories stand on their own.
- However, here's a list if you wish (1) to read in "order" or, (2) if you're looking for a specific show season!
- These works exist in a consistent (show canon-compliant) universe. As a timeline:


Trixie is Terrible

- Trixie is a Terrible and Conceited Terrifically Tricksy Pony. :trixieshiftleft:
- Some things have been written about her.
- Here's a guide to how terrible she is in each of them.

- Trixie is Terrible Rating: Trixie (Indirectly) Causes the Apocalypse: (8 :trixieshiftright: out of 10).
Rumors of the Apocalypse are ... Somewhat Exaggerated:

- "Trixie is Terrible" Scale: Rudely Raises a Ruckus and Ruins a Spell: Rather Terrible (7 :trixieshiftright: out of 10).
Strangely Truculent Unicorn Portaled Inside Demesne!

- "Trixie is Terrible" Scale: Delusional and Destructive and Drunk: She's Pretty Terrible (6 :trixieshiftright: out of 10).

- "Trixie is Terrible" Scale: Violates Her Best Friend's Possessions, Although She Believes She's Doing it for a Very Good Reason (6 :trixieshiftright: out of 10).
Too Much Trixie in That Mirror

- On the "Trixie Is Terrible" Scale: Destructively Oblivious: Not So Terrible (4 :trixieshiftright: Out of 10).
Questionable Poetry of Errors

- On the "Trixie Is Terrible" Scale: Just the Traumatized and Oblivious Trixie (2 :trixieshiftright: Out of 10).
Is It Really About the Magic?

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You are a wonderful human being filled with love, kindness and intelligence.

Thanks a lot for the follow!

Thanks for the follow!

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