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My Pieces That Have Won Awards:
(A selection from six that were honored by awards.)

TBoulder and Phyllis
A love story of those who are left behind.
SparklingTwilight · 1.1k words  ·  27  1 · 527 views

Judge's Prize in the Crackship Contest.

THarmony Terminated Us All
"Harmony doomed us. I killed Cozy Glow (although she was always a robot). If anycreature remains, heed this warning." -Former Princess Twilight Sparkle.
SparklingTwilight · 6.4k words  ·  22  0 · 983 views

Committee prize for: "The Cozy Glow Committee Award for Best AI Apocalypse" in the Sci-Fi contest

TIt Ur Flt Trixie (It's Your Fault Trixie)
Trixie gets her friend and frenemy stuck with her in a miniature poem containing very few available letters. A/K/A "Trixie Ruins Haycartes Method"
SparklingTwilight · 1000 words  ·  20  1 · 472 views

Bronze Prize in the Thousand Words contest category for Experimental.

TQuestionable Poetry of Errors
Maud grades questionable poetry. Trixie acquires questionable artifacts. And, Starlight does something Trixie questions (but not too deeply).
SparklingTwilight · 1.6k words  ·  17  2 · 364 views

Bicyclette Prize for Most Literature in the StarTrixMaud Contest!

The Sparklingverse! (Simply, an Index)

- My stories stand on their own and exist in a show canon-compliant universe.
- Here's a timeline so you can see where they fit in with the show. (Link).

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Trixie is Terrible

- Trixie is a Terrible and Conceited Terrifically Tricksy Pony. :trixieshiftleft:
- Click HERE for a guide to how terrible she is in my tales.