Starlight Glimmer and Trixie are trapped in-between worlds. Starlight confesses something to Trixie. Then, Starlight wants a do-over.

An entry in the dialogue-only and Sci-Fi competitions.

Era: Season 8. Index of my stories by Season. Index of my Trixie stories by how obnoxious she is. Here she rates a 1, the most civilized. :trixieshiftright:

Content Note: References to past encounters, but no detailed descriptions or in-scene intercourse. Consent is examined.

Ref: Schrödinger's Cat. (link).

Cover Art: by Caro Asercion with rights to the cover art discussed at this link.

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I'd liked it and the unique way of portraying a relationship between Trixie and Starlight Glimmer; the situation of being stuck in a (form of) box worked well for the Dialogue-only contest.

And creating tension/suspense with that format.

Not a fan of the idea that pony biology can lead them to rape, but otherwise an interesting story and format

I certainly understand why people would not want that to happen! It is a very bad thing. :ajsleepy:

Some of my stories explore something like Cold in Gardez's tagline of "Stories about ponies are stories about people" but with additional examination of ponyish characteristics melded with human characteristics, to look at important matters from an additional angle.

Thank you for giving the story a try! :twilightsmile:

For anyone just passing by and seeing the comment before the story: no rape happens in this story but it and consent are discussed (And consent is quite important)! See the content note on the story's landing page.

Thank you!

I agree, but also disagree - you added in heat as a concept and reason for Starlight's bad behavior. That's not canon for the show, nor a thing that happens to humans. That breaks the "about people" part of your analogy.

Edit: Even if the claim is that Starlight had abnormal heat, that's *still* not a human-like thing. Humans don't do this. To push the concept over to human territory: Civilized countries have banned the practice of using drugs to suppress sexual urges as being both ineffective and inhumane; therapy and monitoring are considered the humane and appropiate treatment.

tl;dr This breaks analogy with humanity in an uncomfortable way for this version of ponies

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