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A simple writer/ game designer/ brony/ dragon fan.


Born on a small forest world, SS-13 though she prefers to call herself Sunset Shimmer, is faced with the idea of leading a squad of highly trained unicorns. No big deal after all that is what she wanted to do. Follow her and her squad as they faced Equestria's greatest enemies and see if they can truly become a family.

Story based on Star Wars: Republic Commando though not a crossover with the Star Wars universe. Expected everything that you would see in the game. Cover art not by me and I don't own the rights to Star Wars or MLP

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7540663 No its Blue Silver Blue duh. Why would Trixie ever blow up something that didn't use those Great and Powerful colors :trixieshiftright:

Where's the Crossover tag? :rainbowderp:

7541081 Its not so much of a crossover as its an alternate universe. While I will be using elements of Star Wars Republic Commando its isn't a case of me crossing over MLP and the Star Wars universe.

I going on a limp here and say that Flash Sentry is the Advisor of Twilight Squad.

Begun the Changeling War has.

Why doesn't this story have a sci-fi tag?

7597611 Good point. Thanks for letting me know.

I love Star Wars Republic Commandos! I think I still have the game but don't have a console to play it on... Wish I could it play some more.

Anyway: I think I'll really enjoy this.

Oh shit! Trixie down! Trixie down!

I like this story far. I hope to see more. And if it does continue I'm looking forward to the starship the squad goes to after all this.

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