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After Spike's growth spurt, Celestia decided that its time for the young dragon to be taught what it means to be a dragon. So she contacts the distant universe of Avalar and asked Spyro to teach the young drake, which of course Spyro accepts. Now Spyro must deal with training a dragon who doesn't act like a dragon, keeping the populace of Ponyville under control, and fighting off the remains of the Dark Master's forces who have somehow followed him. Luckily he's got Cynder and Sparx alongside to help...right?

EDIT: Very late in saying this bu thank you everyone for getting this story to be featured. Means a lot to me.

Basically this is a T-rated crossover that takes place after the events of Dawn of the Dragon. I should mention that this story will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't played that game. Of course, I don't own anything except for this story.

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Interesting premise, I haven't seen it before although that just might be me being blind. The only thing I feel I won't like is the Dark Master's Involvement.

I will read this later.

Spyro? Perhaps I'll read this later.

a very good crossover so far keep it on like this :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajsmug:

Spyro? Don't fuck this up!

Don't suppose you nabbed this concept from Doomsdaylee on DA?

Not really...though I didn't know about that prior. Do you have a link to his page?

Yeah, he never really got that far, put up a concept, like, a chapter.
And the thing was a sequel to an unwritten story, so it had OC's, but I thought it was good.


As the ones abode don't destroy this I love both MLP:FiM and Legend of Spyro I have stories with both so please for those in this Realm don't destroy it. Now that I said that I must say is an interesting beginning to say the least, would like more to happen in a chapter, but small amounts can make big difference, would love to see this going. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

I hate to be a devils advocate, but how can Spyro still be in his teens while Spike is a baby dragon?:rainbowhuh: I thought a purple dragon was a once every ten generations deal?:pinkiegasp:

1599219 Magic.
Don't need an explanation.

1599219 That was only in Spyro's Universe. In the world of ponies, however, you could see millions of 'em.

hmm very intersting, i like where this is going.

Dammit! Well goes a future story of mine! Regardless I'll throw this into my read later.

Don't let my story stop you from writing it. You might take it in a direction that I won't.


mine was only half thought up, and probably never going anywhere so nothing was really lost.


Well...I'm pretty much making this one up as I go :twilightsheepish:

BTW your avatar makes me smile


But wouldn't that imply that Equestrian purple dragons do not have any extraordinary powers?:rainbowhuh::derpytongue2::trollestia:

1599837 Well, it may imply that. Unless a certain Doctor was turned into a dragon. Then again, if the Doctor-Dragon met all of his pony counterparts, he may cause a rip in the Time-Space continuum, causing a paradox, and ultimately ending life as we know it. :twilightoops:

That, or Pinkie would get an idea for a special.... cupcake ingredient. :pinkiecrazy:

Love it!!! Don't fuck up and I haven't finished the last two games so I get to see spoilers yippie it also sucks Bc it was for the Wii:ajbemused:

1598246 like this guy says: don't you dare fuck up


This has the same basic plot as mine, so feel free XD

1600161 Hey, you never know. It could happen. :unsuresweetie:

1603955 By the Stars and the Universe, yes! :derpytongue2:


Why do you want the author to use such insane ideas? WHY:applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair::twilightoops::unsuresweetie:


No you're not because a) The Doctor is a fictional character, b) IF you were The Doctor, your username would reflect that, and c) The Doctor is already living in Ponyville as Doctor Hooves and he knows better than to cross his own timeline.

As for your second idea, not a chance. There are already so many "Cupcakes" references floating around that they're not even funny anymore.:pinkiesad2:

In other words, you just got pwned.:ajsmug::rainbowwild::trollestia:

Faved and watched. Looks like a good read in progress! :twilightsmile:

till now very well written till now
so far from me

Man I need a spyro and cynder in equestria.......... At least one that isn't skylanders, in need dawn of the dragon crossovers.

well done good sir :moustache:. cant wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

GLORIOUS! I eagerly await your next chapter.

You didn't send it down hill very good. I will be happy to see more. And I think you have a mistake in line 2 'treat' I think you meant 'threat'

1617231 Well, look no further, for that is exactly what's happening right here. And if this isn't enough to satisfy you, I would suggest checking out "Little dragon in a strange new world" by Zeryurijin.:moustache:

1677923 Um, I don't even know what gender you are.:twilightoops: I'm a guy, by the way, and I'm heterosexual.

1677943 I'm a guy to and I am heterosexual as well. I hate it when I say stuff like that. Which is clearly meant to be a joke. People are like dude I'm a guy. Its a joke for fucks sake.

I apologize for the short chapter but finals are starting where I'm at and I need to focus.

So, Timberwolves, manticore, Ursa, or false alarm?

can't wait for more!:moustache:

Take all the time you need. Finals are a bitch.

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