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I usually enjoy MLP because its cute, its funny, and its very adventurous. My favorite MLP characters are Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Fluttershy. I enjoy reading stories about Twilight the most.


After Princess Twilight Sparkle was assassinated yet was revived by Princess Celestia's healing spell 15 years later, she gets caught up in a world where Unicornia's Tyranny became their law. To make matters worse, she learns that all of her friends, her family, and her fellow princesses are either hiding, enslaved, or imprisoned.

Unable to take anymore chances with her political enemies, Twilight Sparkle joins the rebellious Lunar Republic to save her loved ones and fight against the armies of Unicornia for the freedom of Equestria. The battle to win back Equestria and to reclaim the throne has just begun.

(This story is inspired by MachineGames' and Bethesda Softworks' 2014 video game: Wolfenstein The New Order)

*Warning: May contain foul language, strong bloody violence, and gore. Readers' discretion is advised.*

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Interesting story so far. Hope you continue as I would like to see where this goes.
A few things though, grammar is awkward in places, but the biggest thing, is you really need to separate your paragraphs. When a new person speaks, you are supposed to start a new paragraph. If you even just fix that, this will be much better.:twilightsmile:

Reminds me of Wolfeinstein The New Order.

When I played Wolfeinstein the New Order, with my cousin's permission, I eventually came up with a similar idea from the back of my head.

8281091>>8281235 Couldn't have put it any better myself.

It's a gcood story, but really awkward to read.

Also, is Unicornia a bunch of mary and gary stus? I find it hard to believe Equestria lost so badly.

ok 3 things

1 muskets are muzzle loaded not magazine fed
2 it takes hours for aa body to start smelling
3 not really a complaint but REALLY twi you didn't kill him when you had the chance

3. That's because Twilight wanted have fun making Amadeus suffer through a slow, painful torture and beating first.

Part one is over, but Part two will start soon.

Flash Sentry just became the Unicornia version of The Winter Soldier.

Okay, since when did this story involved things from the Terminator series? It seems unlikely Unicornia would need things like those things.

Because Professor Felhand was trying to study science and technology but in a more darker agenda so that Unicornia will become unstoppable.

Just hope it won't lead to him to create their version of Ultron or Skynet as well know all both of those turned out.

Besides, too much faith in machines is a fire-sure way of ending up in defeat as with the right strategy and mind, any drone can be beaten.

Excuse me , Will Flash Sentry be freed in the next chapter?.

See for yourself at the next chapter. :rainbowlaugh: :twilightsmile:

Very good.

And here I thought Unicornia would never dare use tech that is very close to WWII to Early 21st century weaponary.

News Flash for them: Battleships are no longer the dominant navy power anymore for it now belongs to Aircraft Carriers. The USA was the last nation to use battleships as they were all retired (The Iowa-class battleships Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and Wisconsin) after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Nice very nice, Flash Sentry is freed and Eagle Eye is dead.

I hope that in a few chapters Unicornia will be no more, once twilight will get through with them.

Well, I never thought that Crimson Cross will aid Twilight, this is going to be interesting.

Wait a minute, What is Crimson Cross doing?.

What a twist.

Here is my message to those rogue LR Commando Traitors:

So Crimson Cross's family had been captured.

So that is the reason why Crimson Cross joined Unicornia.

I hoped that Crimson Cross will get his family back from Unicornia.

This chapter does remind me of Assault on Precinct 13. It's were a police sergeant and his team of officers and delinquents were forced to defend a police station on New Years eve. Except that they weren't really fighting for their lives against a random group of criminals, they were fighting against an army of corrupted policemen.

Well they can excute the nobles, those that support the Blue Bloods by chopping off theri heads or hanging them slowly.
Leave the few remaining with out any power and warning any of their families try what blood did, thier entire family will exiled whielt he head and the conspitor will be excuted.

no more..No more!

Twilight and Starlight never meant in this universe, she died before that.

I'm sorry there's NO WAY Majesty will have that6 much power. you just made this senario not believable.

My apologies, but there's always the first time for everything. Second, in Amadeus' chapter in Aftermath of the Fallen Star, he intends to sacrifice every noble, as well as his son and wife, so that his daughter Majesty Blueblood gains power to rule all of Equestria, as well as threatening to eliminate Twilight Sparkle and her fellow princesses just so that he'll let Majesty fulfill her destiny.

Third, this story is based off one of the latest video games that I played with my cousin's permission: Wolfenstein The New Order.

For me, she's nothing more than an obedient slave who didn't get to chose her own destiny and obeys her fathers will and family's corrupted past.

"A man chooses, a slave obeys"

- Andrew Ryan: Bioshock.

Twilight Sparkle: A mare (man) who chooses.

Majesty Blueblood: A slave who obeys.

Majesty is no goddess and here is a message to the misguided creep:

Since when do Changelings have mechs?

Well, better break out an Atlas mech to deal with it.

The Changelings are so dead.

Hope Rarity makes it as if she dies, I'm out.

So Queen Cicada of the changeling is dead, all righty then, this is going to be good.

Yeah, but I don't think Unicornia is going to take this lying down.

The next part is getting Shining Armor, Night Light, Twilight Velvet, (assuming the parents of Twilight and Shining Armor are still alive), and Pinkie Pie's family's back.

Personally, I would've had that bug queen die at the hands of a BFG-9000 gun.

I see, without Queen Cicada, what will become of her changelings?, after their queen's death at the hooves of Starlight Glimmer.

You did said that the next part is getting Shining Armor and the others back.

Yes I did.

For the Changelings, that's up for the author to decide.

Let hope that Unicornia will be no more in the few chapters.

Not to worry, man. Majesty will come to her senses in the later chapters. You'll see.

Okay we understood, We hope that Majesty will learn the error of her ways.

Nice very nice, I am glad that Crimson Cross finally got his wife back.

I did see that Twilight got her parents, her brother and the others out.

It won't be long now.

ok i cant abide it any more raritys "ninja" sword is either
1) a katana
2) wakizashi (a shorter version of the katana)
3) a tanto (a dagger sized katana) pick one and use it
here a reference

that's not even going into the historical inaccuracy of the fact that ninjas rarely wielded katanas due to the fact that most ninjas were peasants and farmers who learned how to fight by any means necessary with cheap weapons like sickles attached to a chain or just a chain with weights on the end in general.

i.ytimg.com/vi/GD6qtc2_AQA/maxresdefault.jpg so i hope this helped and i didnt mean to rant but you have the internet it takes less than 30 seconds to learn the name of the sword and use it instead of "ninja sword"

Only one thing to say: Shit...

Hope our heroes make it out alive here.

The part of element of surprise by Unicornia, I'm still doubtful on that though I'm still wary of it.

this chapter is good, what about Camp raid part 3?.

Ok SERIOUSLY?!!!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2: You having her reform all the sudden?! what else youu going to do.. Have tirek reounce hsi way and and opena day care center?!

I'm ready to quit this story it was getting good, and now the top villain reforms and says she owes a big apology...PHHHEEEETTTT Yeah right!
Uggghhh now it getting silly.

So Majesty Blueblood regret her actions, good. Let see how she can get out of this in the few chapters.

As amusing a thought that would be for Tirek of all centaurs, he's not the kind of guy who'd just go along with that seeing how he attacked Equestria on 3 separate occasions and most likely has brought massive shame to his parent's kingdom seeing how his father and mother were allies of Celestia if I'm understanding the centaur kingdom right.

At least Majesty has ample reason to even consider reforming. She's been lied to her entire life by her father who only cares about being in charge of Unicornia and Equestria to the point of starting a civil war, having his son be scapegoated to execution following an assassination plot, murdering his own wife in the process as well as committing high treason to both Equestria and Unicornia seeing how Princess Platinum made a peace treaty to form Equestria and was best friends with Celestia back during the start of the princesses co-rule, thus basically turning his back on everything that made his nation what it was. Ask yourself this, was Majesty ever given a proper choice in what she was doing of her own free will or was her every action since she was born done through her father's manipulations and what she knew of her "Birthright" as told by a deceitful father? It's clear he doesn't really care about her, only what she can do for him given he's locking her up in the dungeons for having independent thought and believing what she's done in her life is wrong and wanting to make amends.

Maybe so but she went from Tyrant to Peace lover in what....ten secs flat?!

I'd say she went that way in the course of a few days to make the pacing make sense. If she was questioning whether she was doing what was right or not for a few days, it makes her thoughts in this chapter consistent with the pace of the story as far as what Majesty and the others were up to since we haven't seen much of them compared to the guys immediately being fought in each chapter. Especially since immediately after thinking if what she was doing right for Equestria or not, that book Discord left her got her curious and for the next hour she pretty much read everything that her father did so far in his name judging by what she asked of her father. Clearly her father has other ideas. So I'd say she had a good hour to come to terms that she needs to start looking for peace instead of tyranny if she hopes to not only live through this but to make right her mistakes.

I'm sorry it stillv ery hard to beleive, if she spent a day or two reading it and thinking hard for a another few days, thinking back over everything she done yes.

But a hour after reading the book no.

I do like that you did a nod to the film "London has Fallen" as I recognized that line when Twilight was going all Kratos on Morning Blade.

Will that bastard just die? There is only so much one can take before death will take him and not even that drug Flash Sentry was given would do it as Death doesn't like to be cheated.

Majesty's turn does leave a bit to be desired.

A mech for Amadeus? Sorry, but it would stand no chance against a Gundam or the Super Vandread.

"You know what you ponies don't get?!!" Twilight growled as she lifted a crippled Morning Blade with her magic.

The next thing Twilight did was that she started shouting at Morning Blade with livid behavior, while unleashing a barrage of punches at his face. "WE'RE NOT A FUCKING BUILDING!!! WE'RE NOT A FUCKING FLAG!!! WE'RE NOT JUST ONE PONY!!! You and your people having been trying to kill us for a long fucking time. But you know what?!! After a thousand years from now, we'll still be here!!!"

:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: A reference from London Has Fallen!

Yeah, I can't imagine what would happen if Twilight Sparkle hired Mike Banning for protection.

Is this going to be like in Equestrian Civil War - a Alternate Universe where Starlight is Twilight's student despite The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle taking place before The Cutie Map Part 1?

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