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I usually enjoy MLP because its cute, its funny, and its very adventurous. My favorite MLP characters are Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Fluttershy. I enjoy reading stories about Twilight the most.



This story is a sequel to Book 1 - Prisoner and Savior

After narrowly surviving an attack at a Mandor Fueling Station, Princess Twilight Sparkle is slowly getting entrusted into an interstellar war that will soon reach out to her beloved homeland, Equestria. As of now, Twilight's main goal was to head back home and rally her fellow ponies and friends to fight back against the encroaching invaders. Can Twilight rely on her new friends to help protect Equestria from the alien invaders or will her people fall under total enslavement for life?

*Spoiler warning: I already followed up with Midnight Light's first story in MLP Fimfiction and she said that she is no longer continuing where she left off in Prisoner and Savior. So, I'm using my own imagination to help finish the rest of the story my own way so that no one will get confused or offended by it.*

*For those who don't know how this story went down to this point, I strongly recommend you all to read the sequel first.*

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You go, he/she/they! I’ll be adding this to my tracked! Admittedly, a touch confused by the change to the name Chmone, and personality I think. Though that’s fine!

Also, I agree on the whole power thing you mentioned on the original. Though not all are as powerful as Twilight, being able to rip space and time like Discord and Starlight respectively is.. horrifying to say the least.

As for Chmone, he felt a bit nervous on how would they react when seeing Twilight. He feared that if they she her as an ordinary pony, they may start laughing at them as if he and Zeck were both fools to make up such a hoax. Worse, they'll try to throw out Twilight as if she were to be useless trash.

It takes about thirty seconds to change that opinion.

Not too worry. You'll see how it happens. *Snicker! Snicker*

Just before the Sectanium guards came closer to the ponies onboard the huge insect, it flew away in a jiffy. After seeing them disappear a white flash, the Sectaniums started cursing themselves for failing to complete their capturing mission carried out by the order of Empress Vanista, aside from conquering another planet and taking down a UFF military port.

Aww, don’t worry. The empress will be very pleased to see your success in the capture. That is, she will be pissed in your failure resulting in the capture of a Warrior.

"Me too, man. This war is getting much more interesting." Chmone thought.

What, is Chmone a hippie who wants to enslave Equestrian for the UFF war machine?

"I-I-It's not over yet, your royal craziness!!!" Hampt snapped back at her while wiggling helplessly underneath his restraints. "Empress Vanista will have you beheaded for this, the same way she behead all those alien leaders that stood against her. Your land will be hers!!! You will all burn before her very eyes. I swear it!!!"

Mu hu wa hahahaha.

Is that how you evil laugh?

Why is it people in desperation and no place to make any deal always choose A) try to make a deal, or B) threats. Neither ever work, C) Mercy is usually more likely to work.

And also, though it’ll be rough, the Empress is gonna struggle a lot more in this battle.

Is this story based off of Star Wars? I only ask because Mandor sounds so similar to Mandalorian.

The promises of the dark. It seems they always have the power to strike where it hurts.

All hail Empress Twilight Sparkle. Friendship ruler of the cosmos and all egghead loving librarian. Bow or else face the sorting books for eons! :twilightsmile:


There was a crazy fanfic story of the idea of Twilight taking the dark side. It was very dark and sad

Right after she sees the Empress disappear, Xul made up her mind. She immediately took off as she left the palace and went back to her apartment. There, she turned her room key over to the hotel manager and packed up her bags. Also, she discarded her military badge and uniform to the barracks where she start her military career at, replacing them all by wearing a blue sweater with a green tank top underneath it, red pants, and brown shoes. Once all that is done, Vanista purchased a spacecraft from a nearby military starport as she is preparing to leave Sacreus before anyone could even notice her disappearance.

Xul purchased, not Vanista, and Trine was supposed to be Vanista earlier, when talking about sick, twisted powers.

Sorry about that. Typo errors sometimes keep biting me in the ass.

At 4:50pm, just before dusk......

Scare the daylights out of them with erratic movements of the sun and moon. Put on a show, if you will.

Defeated, Janus fell straight into the lake with her legs and her torn-up boots seen above the water.

She should be dead. Lightning kills most of the time.

Celestia could still feel the pressure of the mind-controlling beam getting closer to her face as she grunted and gritted her teeth while struggling to fight against their mental power. The white alicorn started to sweat as she is slowly trying to resist their so-called spells. Just when the mind-control beam is about to hit Celestia in the head, she flew up a few feet above the Warrior and kicked him in the lower abdomen with her left hind hoof.

In order to control, I remember that the warriors have to focus, leaving them vulnerable. I also remember it not being a laser. Interesting change of how it works.

Applejack already knew that Pinkie is just being random while helping out Princess Twilight at the battlements. Though, they all need to do their best to keep their voices down while laying low underneath the huge shield dome protecting most of the capital city.

I can also tell Pinkie is your writing weakness. It’s always about being random with her. I get it, though it denies her her actual personality, and makes Discord feel more like a person than her.

"Shinning Armor!!" Twilight gasped in terror, realizing that her brother is being held at gunpoint by the enemy.

*In scout’s voice* NEED A TELEPORTER HERE!

Twilight crashed down into the pavement a few feet in front of Vanista before leaving behind a small cloud of dust in its wake. As soon as the dust disappeared, Twilight is seen with her face flat on the pavement with all of her four hooves spread out like an "X." She didn't move. Seeing that Twilight is now flat on the ground motionless with her wings spread out on the floor, Vanista cackled out loud in triumph.

Just wanna quickly point out, this means that Vanista had enough power to shake an entire flagship, if Vanista was able to beat Twilight in the duel so easily.

In a panic, the Sectaniums and Warriors were shooting frantically at the three armies of creatures with everything they've got. Unfortunately, since there is enemies coming in from both air and land, the entire Sectanium Army is badly outnumbered from 2 to 5. With no other option but to retreat, the Sectanium Army was forced to fight their way out as they drew out their plasma blades and their long combat knives before trying make it back to their ships via teleporters.

It’s a good thing only maybe 5 per ship will escape, as the technology was established to be VERY difficult.

Eh, it’s fine. I’m one of those commenter editors. I typically only touch on whatever bothers me most, though.

great story and excellent finish, just wandering if there is any chance of a sequel down the line some day ?

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