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New Year, New Story, and Hopefully some new updates soon! · 12:28am January 12th

Happy Belated New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were great and you got enough to eat and plenty of time with your families.
Not going to post my resolutions this year as they are pretty much the same as last years. (I did a HORRIBLE job of things on here last year, and for that I am sorry to all my followers. I know I hate waiting on a good story too so.... )

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Of course ^.^ Gotta love those holiday specials, right? :pinkiehappy:

It will be out sometime after this month, reason why is because he's working on a story for Halloween/Nightmare Night 2018 :3

Ooooh sounds interesting! Be sure to let me know when they post some of it?

  • Viewing 183 - 187 of 187
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