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Bronycon 2019 Annoncement!!! · 8:23am July 30th

Well, it is official everyone, I am going to Bronycon! I leave tomorrow night to start my journey, and will arrive in Baltimore Thursday morning. I am super excited to meet everyone and enjoy this last big bang of an awesome Bronycon with all who can make it. (I hope some of you who follow me will be there.) I might not be at a ton of panels/events, since I will be staffing, but I for sure will be at the Grand Galloping Gala, so be sure to come to it. It's going to be a ton of fun! I have

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Lol it's all good. XD Thanks so much!


I suck at hashtags :rainbowlaugh:


SO it's not just me who thinks it's been a good long run but it's going out.

Shakespearicles has a horror themed contest for his Wincest group this month and I'm trying to come up with something. Currently trying a psychological angle about monsters who live among us in plain sight (Think something like Numb Lava, but written by inept me), but if that fails, IDK, vampires?

I'd love to write ChrsyArmorDance, but slice of life truly is my least favorite genre, and I'm spent from Velvet. FFM is totally my thing, and one day I'd like to live that dream in real life for more than just a roll. I doubt I would have gotten through it without always the promise of something that interests me, sex, always right around ever chapter. I wrote so much of it just for the end payoff for myself of getting to write a mom-son-girlfriend threesome at the end. The idea of writing another big SOL story, even if it's no more than half that length, makes me nope. I've never been in a throuple relationship, so I wouldn't really know the dynamics either. Finally, you probably noticed this but couldn't put your finger on it. My single worst writing skill is multi way dialogue. You may have noticed that I did pretty much everything I could to avoid having more than 2 characters talking at a time, even if it meant contriving excuses for why they couldn't. Incapacitated by orgasm, busy eating, observing proceedings, technically on duty, and so on. Group dialogue is just agonizing for me to write.

IDK, maybe a 20K story about them on a weekend getaway at a beach house and it's their first time there properly as a throuple. What do you think? Some bonding, some development, hot mares in swimsuits, healing wounds of the past, a threesome.

I already have a basic outline for Shining and Tempest. Sparky also adores the idea. Depending on how things go, maybe I'll write a later story with her, him, and Cadance. Can't say that's been done before. BTW, did you read Soothing A Tempest? I'm actually proud of that one. Features more of my character driven emotional clop that makes the story. It's also kinda a defining story for Tempest+34, I guess kinda like how the longest ShiningVelvet is NIPV.

Something like STALKER or Metro Equestria may fit. I've thought about returning to my roots with a story set in something like a counterpart to the Chechen Wars.

I do see some potential with the S9 finale. They could request Chrysalis freed. TwiAlYs? spikeAlysy? TwiSpikeAlys!

I apologize for how slow my writing is. I like to really polish and overdo my writing so I have quality the first time.

I am extremely happy that the whole story of Nights In Pink Velvet was one you really enjoyed and it worked both as porn and story. That was the aim: made a story with sex that doesn't sacrifice. Take that, conventional wisdom! I was heavily inspired by An Escort's Journal, which is a cloppy story that uses sex for fun and plot, and also features some really great character work. Go read it. It's the most amazing piece of writing I have ever read.

Comment posted by QueenChrysalisForever deleted October 18th

I can understand that, I got a bit of that feeling as well at Bronycon, but also want to finish my stories still. (SO close on Long Live the Queen! Next chapter should be up in about two weeks if all goes to plan, and then the epilogue shortly thereafter. Of course, there will still be two more books after that. Soooo I have a lot of writing to do. :twilightsheepish: Not counting the other stories.)

As for those ideas you listed, they all sound right up my alley of things I like to read. Maybe not so much on horror, but for that it depends. (I don't like the 'bloodbath' horrors where the only point is to make the story as bloody and gruesome as possible, but more the thriller/suspenseful kind of horror? (A few movies off the top of my head for that are White Noise and The Village. Buuut then I haven't watched a ton of horror because of 'bloodbaths' so I don't have much to judge on movie wise. Book wise, maybe even less as most of what I've read for that is super old (Dracula, Frankenstein, H.G Wells...) or made for kids (Goosebumps, Christopher Pike, etc.) I'd still be willing to read though! (Even if it is original work and not pony. After all, that is what my The Protector story I plan on eventually doing to it. I want to rewrite it in original form. Just, tried it with pony first as well, my brain has been full of pony and hard to write original work when my brain wants to make everycreature equine. XD) '
But yeah, I can agree there. I tried writing something creepypastaish, (based on this one video I found on youtube that really creeped me out.) But trying to make it my own and into pony just didn't work out and none of my readers seemed interested in the idea, so it was never finished or even published. x.x Yeah for sure I'd say fear is the hardest emotion to write! One's mood for sure makes it difficult/harder to write it well too. (Like right after watching that video, I was full of ideas on how to make it my own and ponyized. But then as I sat down to write, I just kind of lost it. x.x)

Also a dark fantasy like that would be EPIC another I would totally read. A kind of combo on the hero's journey and a failed dystopian society, right up my alley once more for things I like to read. Hehe.
As for other ideas besides that? Well I wouldn't mind more clop (as I be a bad ling and do enjoy that heh. *blushes*) but I understand if you are done/tired of pony words. Not sure what else to recommend, as I think you already have some excellent ideas in there. ^.^

I think that idea for a story with Shining and Tempest for Veteran's day is great! We don't get nearly enough of those from what I have seen, and would be nice to bring some light to a holiday most just see as 'a day to get off work/school' rather than what it is really for. I'd totally read a story with that.

Of course, I love reading stories where Shining, Cadence, and Chryssy become a little herd. Hehe that story idea you got there sounds wonderful and I would so read it if you wrote it! (I really need to touch on that more, what happened with Chrysalis and Shining before the wedding, in my own story. But then, my Chryssy hasn't really been around my Shining very much yet. Will in the future though...) Cadence In a Minor? Hmm will need to look that one up. Even if Chryssy doesn't get reformed/rehabilitated would still be a fun read. Heh and nothing wrong with that. I have a lot of fun with FFM pairs. Might not have really 'written' one myself yet. (But rps.... *cough*)

That's fine, Nights in Pink Velvet has been great so far! (Mostly reading it when *cough* in the mood, but also not as it has some EXCELLENT story to it as well, not just a story to clop to.) From what I've read so far though I can understand that and feel sure of that you'll bring it to a satisfying conclusion. Yeah, always hard when that happens, a story crashes and burns. Especially when you were attached to it eh? Been there myself a little. (More so on the not so many read then lots of dislikes or the like...)

War story wise something like FOE only not pony? *Hasn't read nearly enough war stories. Not even the classics War and Peace or Gone With the Wind. XD* Oooooh I'd read that! YA Dystopian novels are one of my favorite genres, and that sounds unique enough to gather my interest quickly.

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