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Fan since Gen1, Queen Chrysalis Fave Villain, love to write, draw, and read. I now have a Kofi page: https://ko-fi.com/queenchrysalisforever

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Life Update · 1:09am February 21st

Well, everyone, things are now settled for the housing problems. My roomie and our cat will be moving up north closer to her parents into an even tinier apartment then we have here, and as for me, I shall be moving back home. For now, at least. I have some other options that could open up for me in a few months, either getting a place a few states over with my brother, which could work but he is pretty messy, even worse than my roomie, so I'd be doing even more cleaning with that option I

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Thanks for adding All Hail, Midnight Sparkle! to your folders!

Eh so-so. Finally found a jpb, now just need to get used to the hours/new schedule.

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