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Philosopher and accountant. If you want me to write something thoughtful and profound, I might oblige.

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Tips for Writing MLP-Fanfiction: Naming Conventions · 2:12am Jan 12th, 2016

If you are going to write a fanfiction based on someone else's work, understanding that work is fairly essential. I have read hundreds of fanfiction, and there are a lot of blind spots in even the most detail-oriented stories on the internet. This is especially true of MLP-fanfiction where writers will focus almost entirely on the show how characters behave but never really on why and how. I decided in response to these blind spots to create a few helpful tips to help writers understand the world of Equestria better. The goal of this is not to say one cannot break the rules and conventions displayed in the show but rather point them out.

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2098584 hmm...well i did want to read the whole story again to refresh the details in my mind. I think to get the ball rolling I'd rather take a look at both versions of the first chapter to see what I think of the changes. it feels a little easier to just start at the beginning and move from there. If you'd like you can send me some google doc links for that. I'll be reading things pretty slowly for now. so i might do the chapters a bit at a time.

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