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The One and the Only

There is Only One, and that One is me. The Only One 'what' you ask? I have no idea.

Hey! Guess what!?

My Requests

Ok, so I came up with an idea in which I can have a constant reminder to those who read my page that I'm on the search for certain things. For more info go here.
1. An artist.
2. a bottle of saliva from a Lava Dragon.
3. A proofreader
4. A piece of flesh from a Batponies wing.
5. A bottle of contained Alicorn magic.
6. a piece of cloth from the cape of Priceless911
7. essence from a wish made by WishyWish
8. A quill used by Crystal Wishes
9. a bullet from the gun of Blaze Blade (OC by ppg1998)

I'm the One. But I'm also the only One.

Yes that's right. The One and Only is here. I hope to feed the knowledge of being One with Only being the One so we can all be the Only Ones.
If you like poetry, join my group of poets
I can also be found on Discord. Join my server: The Only Ones
or join me on Roblox. My name is OnlyOne_OneandOnly
I'm also on Deviant Art

Who is the One?

Hi. I'm the One and the Only. The One and Only 'what' you ask? I have no idea.

Anyways I guess I might as well tell you guys a little about myself. If you don't wanna read it ya don't hafta

I like writing comedy the most but I've recently discovered that I am fairly good at writing mystery. My main story would be Snew P.'s Adventures. I like that little series the most and it's nice to see that other people enjoy his attitude and imagination.
My second well known story is called File O. where I post more mystery type stuff.
My story Just One More Time is part of a Main Universe that a writer, TRIBOT 3000 and I, work on together as well as another writer, Wiley Wizard. I stories are somewhat connected.

Tribot, Wiley, Drill Seargent, and I know each other as good friends. All four of us are practicing Catholics. Before you make any assumptions, know that we are NOT LOVERS! All three of us are straight (sorry shippers). Tribot is somewhat the brainy one of us. Wiley is (kind of) crazy. Drill Seargent may or may not be slightly OCD-ish and yells (alot). I like to think of myself as the fun luvin guy out of our bunch of misfits. We are THE FABULOUS FOUR!!!
I'm also friends with every person who follows me and everyone I follow (hopefully).

Main OC
My main OC, who is also part of the Main Universe we have, would be The One and the Only. He's called 'The One' or 'One' for short. He has been alive for centuries due to something that happened in his foalhood. When he was but a colt his horn got broke causing him to be unable to use magic. He was ridiculed and made fun of by all his former classmates and teachers.
After years of training he was able to channel magic through the broken part of his horn. The first spell he did somehow created a flagpole. No one knew why exactly so they just ignored it.
Years later when he had grown and even gotten married he came home to find his wife dead. He went into such grief and despair that he attempted to commit suicide. However, when he did so, he simply woke up next to the flagpole at the same age he was when he made the spell.
He is now forever cursed to travel the land never to die.

Well, that's pretty much all I have to say. Hope you have a wonderful day. In case your wondering, Tribot should be back on the site by May 16. Maybe later. Who knows.



No paragraphs? WHAT!?! · 11:14pm Jun 22nd, 2017

So here I am writing a few things right? Just writing down some stories until BOOM I read at the bottom of the screen:

0 paragraphs. You have very few paragraphs in this story. remember to put two spaces between each paragraph.

Seriously!?!? Ugh. Now I gotta tell my friends and REWRITE JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!


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If anyone is reading this the listen, The One and the Only cannot access his account, and...he has a few issues going on as well. please understand. Thank you.

Glad you like them any feed back is appreciated

Thanks for the fo,low, what brought me to your attention?

Thanks for the follow!

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