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Spore Harvest

A simple Slovene bronie that decided to write weird stories about mlp. And sometimes I hang out with eldritch monstrosities that usually suggest my story ideas. Just a heads up for your sanity.

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Hello there traveler

You seemed to have traveled off the beaten path and found this little place of insanity that is my user page. Now that you are here I suggest that you read some of my stories and when you are done with that I ask of you that you follow me. Oh yeah and before I forget make sure to stay away from the eldritch monstrosities that sometimes like to show up. Oh look there's one right over there.

Well as long as you don't touch them they are going to leave you alone. With that said read to your hearts content and if you have any constructive criticisms then please voice them in the comments and I hope that you enjoy my work.

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I had a few ideas for your story: A Sound Break. We can do a crossover, my Soundblaster meets up with your Soundwave, we do a few things then we part ways.

I have this image in case you’d like to do a crossover with me.i.ibb.co/ZfMy9xy/image0-2.png

... something off...

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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