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A simple Slovene bronie that decided to write weird stories about mlp. And sometimes I hang out with eldritch monstrosities that usually suggest my story ideas. Just a heads up for your sanity.


To whoever finds this collection of logs. Hi, my name is Mike, you probably want to know why I sound like Soundwave from the Transformers cartoon. Well, that's because I did turn into him and with that, you also want to know how I got turned into him. Well, you can find that out down below in the first log. But the only thing I can say is, don't buy hyper-realistic props from a guy at comic con. Especially if they are extremely cheap.

Well, this has been fun to record, but I have to get back to Vinyl Scratch, we have an important album to finish, so see you later.

This is my first crack at a displaced fanfic. If you have any advice to give while writing this it would be greatly appreciated. As for the fanfic that this is based on you can find it here under the name Air Superiority by TcogArchitect

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 74 )

Keep it up and whatever you do. Don't take any advice from or listen to a guy named Hamster_Master. This guy will shit on your story like he does to so many others.

7940133 Thank you for the warning. Enjoy the story.

Interesting to say the least :duck:

You know when I first saw Vinyl's car transform I thought "Hey Vinyl, Michael Bay called: He wants his Transformer back."

There is only one soundwave! The rest aren't worthy to carry his legacy. :flutterrage:

7941345 Then you certainly wont like what I am planing for the future.

7941524 I'm mostly just jesting :raritywink: though i do have a perticular soft spot for the G1 incarnation of Soundwave.

Hey what about Ravage? Soundwave's little kitty.

7941711 Ravage is going to be added in a future chapter. If you have a suggestion for what he should turn into.

Synthesizer, AMP, Electric Drums?

7941755 Thank you for your suggestion.:twilightsmile:

This is going to be really good.

Excellent chapter. I'm curious if we're going to see Sari appear int he story.

I love this story. It saddens me that not many people explore the aspect of a cybertronian being on what ever side you want them to be on. Its called fan fiction for a reason. Can't wait for more.

love the story so far cant wait for the next update. :pinkiehappy:

Isn't sushi Japanese? :twistnerd: Just a minor critique on my part.
Fun story so far. I'm looking forward to Soundwave meeting other Transformers. Friendly or otherwise. :scootangel:

If this follows something resembling the Transformers: Animated timeline, it will probably be a while, but I look forward to the GLORIOUS and crazed appearances of Lugnut and Blitzwing. :trollestia:

Fire. :pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to the interaction with mustard and ketchup. :rainbowwild:

I can see sunset having her own con. Maybe flamewar or blackarachnia.

7982375 crap, i'm making her stronger. Qrick i got to think up something to weaken her. Um, oh, um, I GOT IT.

7982528 Thank you for the comments. You really made my day. :twilightsmile:

We need more TFA fics especially ones with Sari in them.

great, flamewar in human form. Pinkie pie summing black holes at will, and sunset perinatal being super saiyan. The only thing to make this worst is if flamewar ha- Oh no I ain't giving you more ideas for the bad guys. Here's one for Vinyl. Make her a half human, half cybertorin like Sari is.

You can have this sub plot of her parents already knowing what soundwave was when they bought him and they got Vinyl from one that was dying. I think it would be a nice sub plot and you can problue tail in a way for Sari protorfrom got into Sumdic lab too if you wanted. But this is just me thinking up idea's for stories that ain't even mine. You can use them if you want.

7984717 Again thank you for the idea. I'll see what I can do and if you have any other transformers that you want me to add then make sure to comment them.

Very nice first chapter, Soundwave said it best-
Didn't see it coming, and to my knowledge, definitely the first of its kind.

"Newer fuck" Change the w to a v

You know, bombshell really doesn't have a bombshell on her, Hun.

I personally am not a fan of how this chapter started. I mean, some dude randomly just took the car for no reason to sell it? A car someone else might own? I mean, was the car stolen by the guy who sold it? It's just hard for me to believe that someone simply takes some random car and sells it. I also found it strange that our protagonist here foresaw the future with Vinyl. I mean, how did he know Vinyl would come to buy him? :rainbowhuh:

8036074 Well to answer your question. It's cartoon logic. I just don't question it if it makes the plot go forward and if that is the only problem that you have with this story so far, then just keep on reading and enjoy the rest, because it gets better.

Can't wait until the next chapter good job keep it up:twilightsmile:

8040579 Thank you and I will try to not disappoint.

This reminds me of a story I read but it was in the normal universe not the EG one and i think it was called Applegate or something like that definitely read it. It is good story:pinkiehappy:

.... :pinkiesmile:....:pinkiehappy:.....:pinkiecrazy: *Tracks*

8099677 Thank you and I'll make sure that Soundwave dosen't become a Marry sue.

I've been putting this off for a while now. I am very intrigued and very excited to read this story of yours.

I've been putting this off for a while now. I am very intrigued and very excited to read this story of yours.

Yeah definitely enjoying this. I caught a few spelling errors in this and the last chapter I think?

Shouldn't soundwave be in the store since they literally just opened shop for the day?

I wonder how much they got payed?

You misspelled Insecticons with and o instead of an I. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

8118917 Thank you for reading this story and I hope you enjoyed.

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