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Macro Zecora

I write macrophillia stories.

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Zeeb is taking commissions now! · 1:40am Jan 11th, 2018

After being asked to do work for ‘Sweetie’s Feet Revenge’ I have decided to open myself up for more commissions. I primarily write MLP-related macro fics, but I will consider other options.

Prices are vague at the moment, but around the range of ten dollars per 1000 words. Prices are subject to change in the future as I become more comfortable as a writer.

I will also adapt RP sessions into stories for $5/1000 words
My current lineup is as follows:

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Not surprising, though kind of a shame; you wrote some awesome stuff. Striped Ascension. That CMC story. The Babs story. The Fleur/Rarity story. One or two others. If I recall correctly, I believe it was Striped Ascension story sort of rekindled my interest in macro, and inspired me to try to explore the macro pony fandom. (Which admittedly was a fucking disaster.) Oh well, I will fondly remember my love for a giant zebra herm goddess. :raritystarry: :heart:

Probably not. I'm retired from writing

Are you every going to finish Striped-Ascension?

For commissions, could the payment be split in half if it gets expensive enough?

Ummm is my phone just being weird or is the story for Babs’ Magical Miniatures gone?

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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