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Into many types of stories, though I'll admit, the most prevalent and enjoyable are vore and micro/macro situations. Founder of the group: Ponies, Big and Small

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That bites. I was really hoping to get him writing on that story again. If I'd known sooner I would've showed a ton more support for his situation in the note I sent on da.

I do indeed remember him quite well, though I think he decided to leave the community due to real life stuff, both the micro/macro and MLP one I mean, sadly. It is a shame, I agree, his story was indeed fun, I know the one you're talking about.

As we're both members, yeah. I'm looking for deasly. Thought he had a fimfic Prof seeing his oc in some stories but was apparently mistaken. Noted him on da after randomly finding him there. Was reading an old story of his involving a macrophile h.i.e. and his microphone keeper Twi. It was an interesting relationship being neither wanted to give in to their carnal instincts.

Heh, an 'I don't work here lady' moment if I ever saw one. Though that does make me curious, what author you were looking for. I'd assume you found me through the Ponies, Big and Small group

Not " crush twi" "crush, Twi" (sodding grammar). Also it appears I owe an apology, I was asking the wrong person. I mistook you for someone else due to some of your stories.

  • Viewing 62 - 66 of 66
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