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Into many types of stories, though I'll admit, the most prevalent and enjoyable are vore and micro/macro situations. Founder of the group: Ponies, Big and Small


(Second Person Story)
You are a human who has found himself in Equestria. As if that wasn't bad enough, you're not quite as tall as you were when you started, and not only have to survive at a greatly reduced size, but then you have to live with it. Of course, Equestria is a place where there's always somepony willing to lend a helping hoof, and so you never lack for support. But what can they do for you really, if they can't make you bigger, or get you home? As the tale goes farther, you begin to question if you even want to go home, and then the ultimate question is asked; Can you earn your happy ending? Read and find out.

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This story has been a joy to read. I couldn't stop laughing. :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks. This one was fun to write and edit too...still need to figure out what a good image for this one would be.

I'm loving this! Tracking.

So, you've gone and posted this one here. I liked it on FF.net and I still like it here, though I don't know what you could possibly use for an image for this.

Do you have any other stories in mind?


Hmm, well, writing one with an interesting idea. Commission story, so I'm getting paid to write it, but in that one Dash is called off to fight in a big battle somewhere else, and so, the people/gods/whatevers she's going to be working for send a replacement, a dragon named Draco(Commissioner), who wears a suit to become Rainbow Dash...Draco Dash, an exact-ish replica of her. Not finished yet. Also will be getting this one to the same spot as the FF.com one before I start editing chapters to fit these again.

Likin it, a
So traking it

Can't wait till next update, it's good really good (but not to "past sins" level, but still very good) well written, character are in place and really good use on "hero mode"
Keep at it good sir! ( if you would be so kind?)

Knowing rainbow dash (read my bio then ask) she will surely challenge him to a race of sorts
Good chapter and good to know he can absorb magic. Keep at it kind sir:eeyup::twilightsmile:
Edit 1
And good to see Octavia getting a liking to the lil guy (me and Octavia are good close friend, sue me)
Also first


Racing with Dash comes later, and after that, something a bit cooler, dog fighting, Equestria style.

And the Octavia thing was quite by accident. I needed someone sweet and kind, and most of her characterization is just that. Though Fluttershy is better at it, she's more of a general, I needed somepony in particular to care about the human, and that worked out to be her :eeyup:

Mind, don't expect to see anything physical happen because of this, it's not really that type of story. You'll see what type of story it really is soon.

I really don't need much physical love ( I'm ok to kisses and hugs) I'm more into the emotional part of it.
I'm more of the feelings kind of guy.


Heh, look forward to it then.

I am, also pinkie says good story but she says and I quote her " more super-awesometastic-big party"
Don't listen to her, shes a party addict

A race against Rainbow Dash can only end well...

Good chapter, and I hope he dosnt get eaten.. Again
Few typos but understandable

I think i saw this on Writing.com O.o

Hmm, is that a bit of foreshadowing I see with Twilight's threat?


He did, heh. It's part of the MLP Shrink Interactive there. I am the author, just in case you're curious, I just decided to share these a little more openly around the net. That stories a bit farther on then this one(90000 words). However, this one's a bit more coherent, as I heavily edit this one to be more readable without the chapter choices. I also try to get it to above 3000 words per chapter. While Equestria Daily rejected it(2nd person stories aren't acceptable), it feels better to have longer chapters.

I would say instead of shrinking vinyl's ego, shrink rainbow dash's. she has ego to share and spare
Good update with 2 new character. Good work:eeyup:

I'm beginning to think you have some kind of Vore Fetish.

I would make a sarcastic comment, but you're not wrong with that. I do. However, this story, while featuring it, isn't all about it, and in fact, beyond one more...two more, but the second's debatable, and was done for the funny, this story doesn't feature much more. In fact, once we get to another city, the story mostly becomes slice of life.

Well, he got eaten, again. Well at least while all were drunk as hell
Good chapter, and keep at it good sir

Holy shit. I honestly forgot about this. And now I want MORE.


I will try and be a bit more prompt with my updates from now on, and try to do at least once a week, if I can


Thanks, I've been enjoying writing it so far.

Interesting. I'll check the story later.

The Demoman also happens to drink XXX, too. And he usually drinks himself to nearly a coma.


The coma part, no, though swimming in liquor used to be a favorite pastime of Tony Stark, before the incident where he drove the armor through parts of the NYC skyline.


Yeah, it seems you like vore a lot more than what I expected.

Anyway, I'm favoriting this. When will Part 15 be done?


Whenever the group on dA accepts this part. I'm editing the next two parts a bit so they'll be ready to post as well, and have a more...adult story to post as a side thing, with Deasly, Big Mac, and Fluttershy having quite the fun morning.


dA? You mean Deviant Art, or what?

Also, I respect if you disagree with this, but, could you include my future OC on this story? Well, most ponies treat him like a lunatic and a completely unstable pegasus, and every single one of them mantain their distance, while in reality, he/she((his gender is unspecified))'s a completely nice pony.

He would look exactly like this, except that he sometimes stands on his four hooves: http://ah-darnit.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FIM-TF2-Pyro-287330667

And four things: First is that he's an alicorn, but noone should know this. His horn is hidden by his hat, and sticks out by a hole on his gas mask. Second is that he is in-between a colt's size and a normal pony's size. Third is that, if he ever eats the human, the human would need to be sized smaller than a bug((nearly-microscopic size, looking almost like a tiny dot to other eyes)) to fit through the filter. Fourth is that he talks exactly how Pyro does, by "Mmm-Mmmph!"ing.

Also, the red that makes up the majority of his body is not his coat, it's a rubber suit he wears. And the black-n-beige things on his frontal hooves and on his wings are rubber globes. He should not take off his clothing under any circumstances.

Again, I'm completely fine if you decide not to include him.


Hmm, interesting, I will think on it. Already have one cameo in a bit with my girlfriend's pony, but I might be able to fit more in during the fight scenes that will come later. As you can see from the dates, I started writing this before the Royal Wedding was announced, and before Cadence was revealed to be an Alicorn, so while I've said before the sisters are goddesses, I'll need to introduce some others as well, to make the Alicorn as a whole, just strong, while the sisters are the only true gods.


Well, I hope you add my character soon. Also, Part 15 was also cool. Cannot wait 'till Part 16.


That would be a lot of fun to see.

Lol, dogfights.

Technically, things will get robotic.

and will rarity have the same 'accident' occtavia had with the wine?

There is a bar scene, but so far, nothing like that yet. Something involving balloons happens though. Heh, like I said, editing this, got the next two days written out already, gonna try to do a week before I really start montaging you through your days in Equestria.

1127193 we can't help but think what it would actually be like to be inside one of the mane 6?


Heh, that's partly what this story is about, and partly about trying to live at that size in the pony world.

1127384 someone needs to make a legit full on animation of what it would be like. (gmod dosn't count)


That would be interesting, still, I'm a word smith, not an artist.

1129202 someday my friend someday soon they will upgrade from gmod to true animation:twilightsmile:

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