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Hey there, Mariacheat-Brony here, Belgian Brony writer. Favorite Ponies : Vinyl Scratch & Applejack \OCTASCRATCH FOR THE WIN/


This story is a sequel to Fashion Crush

(Humanized) Vincenza Scratch, AkA Vinyl for her friends, AKA DJ-PON3 on stage, 22 years old. The DJ found herself in one of the low periods of her young career, probably the lowest and longest she ever experienced so far; writer's block, out of ideas for a new genre of music as her 'classic' electronica seems to go out of the crowd fashion, less and less attendance to her gigs, etc.

Starting to run low on money, She gets in touch with one of her mother's friend in the capital, Vito Philharmonica; Member of the board of one of the most prestigious private high school. Vito offers her a place to stay and a job to help her to get back on track : A music teacher job for a Highschool senior class, which includes Vito's own daughter, Octavia.

How's Vinyl going to teach to a bunch of teenagers when she's barely older than them? ( and probably not much more mature as well). And when other teachers and some of her students look down at her for being a 'simple' DJ? One answer, Becoming the GTVS: THE GREAT TEACHER VINYL SCRATCH! (Yes inspired by GTO, one of the coolest manga ever)

Fanart for the story on tumblr or on DA!

Don't forget to check the comic version as well

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I like the idea of different languages.

Actually I ENJOY them.
Especially German Photo Finish. ('cause I'm German and such.. and honestly.. I've never met someone, who spoke like her.. except one particular guy.. "I sink"... yes you do, sir... yes you do)

And I'm on it :pinkiecrazy:

Must read more.

But oh-oh... living in the same house as Octy... dangerous, Vinyl.. dangerous :trollestia:

Good story, a fave here.


But, I diverge

Should be I 'digress'. I know they're synonymous, but digress fits better when saying the line then diverge.

this was great X3

putting Italian was a pain to read as the translation was in the Author's Note, why not put it in translation brackets in the same sentence so we don't have to go stop reading and go to the Author's Notes to read what they said?

Comment posted by Dimiein deleted May 19th, 2013

Oh man GTO reference and Vinyl Scratch. I think I'm in love, keep up the good work you beutiful bloody genius.

Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:
I was thinking of doing that with insight
I'll change it when i get back on the computer ;)
I knew I shouldn't trust reverso when I was hesitating on that word :facehoof:
Thx for letting me know that:raritywink:

Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:
Patience, there will be an AppleScratch chapter before a new GTVS :ajsmug:

I have no idea what GTO is, but I liked this story and think it has a lot of potential. It deviates from the classic: "Vinyl & Octavia are roommates" or "Vinyl & Octavia are rivals" or "Vinyl/Octavia is in deep shit and has almost lost everything, then Vinyl/Octavia takes the other one in and helps them get back on their feet/hooves".

It's fairly unique in its setting and I think you can make it quite far with this one. Just please don't make it "Flip-switch-for-love". Build it up over time and not just have them crush on each other the first time they see each other.
As someone else says: Put the translations after the initial speech, it's much easier to understand what's happening then. You can just write it as normal "description". Here's an example so you can see just exactly what I think.

"Her skriver jeg noget fordi jeg skal give et eksempel." Here, I write something because I need to give a example. [Insert rest of the paragraph]

Welp, i like this one.
I like it a lot, its original, has great potentional and by the looks of the first chapter its in the hands of a pretty competend writer.
Might as well stick around a bit longer writing this comment, i usually point good stuff out when i'm rambling and if i want to ramble then all i have to do is typ more and more and more and more and mooooore.
About the idea of who would be the vice-principle, what about an uptight ass who does basicly nothing and what he does do, he does it from the backs of others.
What about good o'l Blueblood?
Such a facinating prick, little uptight butthole that is just waiting to be molested by some annoyed victims of his power hungering actions in some dirty, dark and cramped alley.
You never really know how dicks like that get important positions, but a sugardaddy is usually involved and they always seem to be present in society.
So yeah, here's an idea.
Also the idea's from BloodNekoFox and Kapuchu are also things that i am backing up.
But yeah i guess that that would be my feedback.
And by the way, this is one of the better stories that i have readed in quite the time, so very good job on this and keep doing what your doing, cause your doing it right.
Happy writings and i await the next chapter with glee.

inspired by GTO, one of the coolest manga ever

Second only to Berserk. Love GTO.

...lets see where this goes, but so far this is very impressive.
i'll be watching.

i love it i been wanting a vinyl as a teacher for at ha while now and i cant wait to see what happens next

I like it a lot. I mean, really. I like the premise and the idea, and your style is nice. I'll be following this fic. You have my seal of approval. :twilightsmile:
I wanna know just two things: Is it an OctaScratch? and Is Octavia of legal age?
That's all.
P.S. Replace 'owes' the label with 'owns' the label. Otherwise, it's kinda strange. :twilightsheepish:

Heck YEAH! GTO is CLASSIC! Too bad more people don't know of it...

I did as you both suggested for the language change :pinkiesmile:

I haven't thought of Blueblood at first, but it's growing on me:pinkiehappy:
Thanks for the compliments:pinkiesad2:
Don't worry, the ship is going to happen, but not before couples of chapters. (same for the first attraction from one of them toward the other..)
I don't like too much when the romance starts too quickly in a story.:twilightsmile:

So true :ajsmug:
Too bad Berserk gets a new chapter only once or twice a year :raritycry::raritydespair:
Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:
That's true :ajsleepy: Oh well, it's their loss :raritywink:

Your seal of approval:rainbowderp:....OH MY GOSH![Death by severe fanboyism!:pinkiecrazy:]

To answer your questions.
Yes it's going to be an OctaScratch.:twilightsmile: (One does not simply change a winning team:raritywink:)
And Yes, Tavi's still underage at the beginning. (Though she's in her late 17s,)

I changed the mistake you spotted, it did sound weird :twilightsheepish:

Wunderbar! :pinkiehappy: (That's the only German that I know, so son't expect anymore).
This is a rather good start, I'm looking forward to what you do with it.
As for the vice-principle problem; if you're looking for the typically snooty type of Canterlot ponies why not try Jet Set or Upper Crust? Of course, you can always go the OC route...

Kay, thought it would be weird for a 22-year-old to date an uderage girl, heh :twilightsheepish:
I'll be watching you, just in case you decide to write some more nice stories. :raritywink:

It's a lot less weird than a 46 year old teacher with a 16 year old :ajsleepy:
But I get your point, it's still pretty weird :ajsmug: But don't fret, Nothing will happen between them before Tavi's eighteen. :raritywink::scootangel:

I take that as a sign that something will happen after Tavi's eighteen. :scootangel:

Oh I oh-so wonder who that young woman on the phone was :trollestia:

Great start for this story! I really did enjoy it, and with the bits of Italian, too! I shall be watching for more!! :yay:

Interesting concept I shall have to read this later since I enjoyed GTO both the manga and the anime series I shall give it a chance :twilightsmile:

Its great I like it. I don't really know what GTO is but I like the story nontheless.

ARGH, I HATE THEM! :flutterrage:

Not really. I just prefer re-writing characters rather than go OC. Then again, I suppose I just haven't had enough practice with them.

Writing OCs is much harder than just taking ponies with a somewhat established character. Like, writing The Snow on Her Cheek was far easier than writing the sequel because you already know about Tavi and Vinyl's characters and possible relations, but when you write, say, about their child, you have to start it from scratch. (Lol Scratch.)
Besides, there are some amazing OC stories out there... *cough*Fallout:Equestria*cough*

aaaaaaaaaaah fuck you now I've gone and hunted down this anime to see if it really is worth watching aaaaaaaaaaah

What have you done to my hard-drive why

This sounds good, I have watched GTO, is one of my favorites anime series, faved.

I just loved the this story. It is setting up for something really good, it is up to you to make it happen. Also, keep the Italian, it give a charm to the story that I love!

Very Nice. Usually the "Reverse HIE" would be a downer but this is of surprisingly high quality.
Hai guadagnato moltissimo il mio rispetto con la tua storia!
BTW that Italian is probably awful.

"Nothing will happen until Tavi's Eighteen." I am dissapoint. UNDERAGE FTW:ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused:

i will read and favorite this but i am kind of scared how this will go

i'm actually liking the latin (or italian, i'm to lazy to go back and read which it was), and i'm loving how you translate it afterwards. i'd stick with that. and i'm super excited to see how this turns out! i mean, who would have imagined Vinyl as a teacher?! not me!

I can not wait until the ensuing hell that will be brought upon the kids.:pinkiehappy:

Amazing story and I can't wait for more. I do want to ask though, where did you get the pic for this fic? Definitely want that for a wallpaper.

Hmmm. I like it. Though the wording in some of the dialogue was a bit awkward. Also, Blueblood=good.

Also also, would you like an apology edit for literally only editing two chapters, when I said I would do more? (p.s. gonna do it whether you accept or not.)

knock yourself out!:ajsmug:
It's not like I can stop you anyway:rainbowlaugh:

Congrats on the feature! (Yep, the mature box) :twilightsmile:
I knew you'd make it. Now I can boast that I read this fic before it was cool. :coolphoto:

Could use a little editorial polish in places, but the title/concept's amusing, Eikichi's story kind of fits Vinyl, and the multilingual aspects are an intriguing bonus. While I've seen Photo Finish depicted as Vinyl's mother in other fics, I think it's the first time I've come across her canon personality and accent presented as purely a business façade, with surprising depths behind it. While this isn't Photo's story, I suspect we'll see her influence in Vinyl's versatility and perseverance.

ha. a music teacher. i see that in my future sometimes after i fail in my self taught music xD

And i LOVED the langauge switch. probably the most fun to read, not to mention realistic xD <3

and omg it says incomplete... IM SO DOWN FOR MORE. ALL ABOARD THE GTVS :DD

YEAH TOTOLLY BADASS! Can't wait to see what comes next, hoping for chapters soon!:moustache:

WHOA! You made into the Featureds - on the first chapter, great work! I'm actually looking forward to more of this, so hurry up with more chapters! :pinkiehappy:

'Grats on making featured on the first chapter right off the bat!

As to the Italian, some of it seemed a bit spotty, but I'm only beginning to learn the language myself. The translations in bracket certainly helped. I also like the idea of Vinyl as a teacher, and as to the VP... Maybe some stuffy noble *cough* Blueblood *cough*, who just has a stick permanently rammed between his cheeks... I'm sorry, that wasn't very nice...:twilightsheepish:

I'm also guessing that there will be a few "problem students" that manage to push Vinyl's buttons? I've never read GTO, but I fully intend to assault the internet with searches when I finish writing this comment.

Overall, I'm craving more already and greatly look forward to the rest of the story.

I usually avoid HiE or humanized pony stories (unless it's a temporary condition) but this just works. It helps that human Vinyl and Octy are both generally super-hot :rainbowwild: but primarily I think you chose an excellent manga to weave this story out of. And somehow, Vinyl being a hot-blooded Italian daughter of Photo Finish just fits so perfectly it's ridiculous.

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