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Hey there, Mariacheat-Brony here, Belgian Brony writer. Favorite Ponies : Vinyl Scratch & Applejack \OCTASCRATCH FOR THE WIN/



[Humanized] Many years before the Equestria Games that made her bearer of the title of Greatest swordswoman in Equestria, Cloud Kicker's thoughts about her future were miles away from wielding the sword and even further away from joining the Royal Guard .
What did push her in that direction?
How did her training go?
Who did she meet along the way?
How did a young and carefree teenager become one of the most famous guards in the country?
This tale will try to answer those questions.....

A side story/pseudo prequel to my Apple Scratch series

Cover art done by : BillieW.

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i totally agree! cloudy needs a tag all of her own!

oh, and i forgot to mention this. i love the picture! i finally know what the armor looks like.

so awesome!:rainbowkiss:
this is going to be a fun ride!:pinkiehappy:

This is great! Once again, you've provided another satisfying story for us to read! I can't wait to read more chapters about it!

Wow I love this thus far.....MMMMMMOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!! :twilightsmile: P.S Nice going Big Mac!!!! :eeyup:

I wholly agree, this is a wonderful addition to Apple Scratch. I've always been curious about how Cloud got so badass and now here it is being laid out on my screen! I can't wait for the next addition to come out. :twilightsmile:

amazing work as always, you never fail to impress

no.... but sunset shimmer does..:ajbemused:
with hope, CK'll get one as she's supposed to have spoken in Equestria Girls... (so I've heard)

Glad you all liked it :pinkiehappy:

Lil' Vinyl Scratch = SUPER ADORABLE CUTENESS!! :rainbowkiss:

Ck is in fact in equestria girls, spotted at one of the tables in the cafeteria before the song "help twilight win the crown" though not sure about her having a spoken line as it wasn't (or I didn't catch it) listed in the credits. Any how... :heart: more please, any background story for ck is a must know in my book, can't wait to learn more about her in your universe. Oh an any chance we can get a link to ck's pic there ?? That has desktop background written all Over it ^_^. any how.

Mane medic clocking out.

Looks like an intriguing little story. And agreed on Cloud needing her own tag.

No Cloudy! Don't boost that child's ego too much! She's way too- wait... that's Vinyl... BOOST ALL OF VINYL'S EGO-
wait... NO! she's still a child! But it is Vinyl... child... Vinyl... child... Vinyl... hmm... GO APPLEJACK!

and cloudkicker is still alive? i geuss pegasai (Jupitarian's) are indestructable.

AJ is really sweet. Waiting for her special someone :33

And Cloudy sure is lucky the manticore attacked her.. and not AJ

:33 Must read again

Drunken truth oh shit moment!!! FLY CK FLY!!!!

Mane medic

“Even if that’s the case, as long as she plays good music, she’s fine by me. It’s not like we’re ever gonna meet her,”

Fast Forward a couple years and Vinyl is doing "funny" stuff with Octavia.

their ears must be accustomed to rapid pressure changes from high-flying :rainbowlaugh:

“Well, I’m starting to think....” Cloud took a sip of her cup of cocoa. “...you’re onto something!” she smiled playfully.

Andrew Pick-Roth:

That was, without accounting for

Andrew Pick-Roth:

This made me laugh for some reason.

you seem to have a bit of a hanger-on at the end there :derpytongue2:

very cute story, I like the bit with cloud and mac having a trist. :ajbemused:

urrgh:facehoof: I missed that when I transferred from google doc:derpytongue2:
It's fixed now

yay for updates on amazingly fantabulous stories!

Andrew Pick-Roth:
That was, without accounting for
Andrew Pick-Roth:
This made me laugh for some reason.


the remains of the comments on google docs...:facehoof: should be cleared now

Yeah, I saw it in a comment xP An editor thing, I suppose?

Also... Any chance we'll see when CK invents the Cloud-Sword-Of-Doom-And-BeattesnotoutofGilda spell in this fic? :pinkiesmile: I'd really like to see her reaction when she finds out just how much destructive force is in that spell.

i cant believe i forgot to fave this. what the hell's wrong with me?

Good chapter as always! Can't wait to read the next one!

This is a really great chapter with a good amount of drama, action, comedy, and more importantly heart! Thanks again for the double update!

I would of added one thing. This


holy hand grenades not just another good story but excellent 3 chapters man you on fire i hope you keep this up cause you are awesome cant wait for more updates :pinkiehappy:

Wonders when the nxt chapter installment will be , can't wait need fix **

Mane medic

he leido tus cuatro historias por lo que me puedo clasificar un fan tuyo espero con ansias la actualisacion de estas:applejackunsure:

Can someone please tell me how in THE FUCKING HELL did I manage not to find this amazing prequel?

easy now, I still have work for Uni to do :twilightsheepish:


I'm just kidding :p was looking through my favourites and noticed how long ago it was since this one updated. xP

So my friends and I have read your stories but this chapter really deserved our group faces

Get off the computer!


umm I wanna type.....

LET GO *Struggle* *crack*

Aww crud


I have my phone..

turn it on we need to finish

Group Reaction::ajsmug::derpytongue2::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay::trollestia::moustache:

So............... Great Chapter!

... begging to see why cloudkicker started learning to use condensed cloud weapons.

3601365 "Like it?" My dear, Mariacheat-Brony, "liking it" would be an understatement. I love it! :raritystarry:

I love how you introduce Ford on the train ride with Cloud Kicker. I love how you gave Ford a brief backstory regarding with how it was a tradtion for him to join the Royal Guard and not by choice, especially when he has dreams of becoming an artist. And I love how you portrayed him regarding with his shyness and how easily flustered he can be when CK flirts/teases him.

I certainly can't wait for what other surprises you have in stored with my OC later on! :rainbowkiss:

On a different note, I like how you introduced Blossomforth as a tough girl whose considered as a prodigy when it comes to fighting. I definitely can't wait to see the development between her and Cloud Kicker in future chapters to come.

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