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Hey there, Mariacheat-Brony here, Belgian Brony writer. Favorite Ponies : Vinyl Scratch & Applejack \OCTASCRATCH FOR THE WIN/


This story is a sequel to Apple Scratch : A summer at the Farm

Ponyville has been chosen to host the most important sporting events in the Country. It's up to the two grown up sisters of the Apple family and their friends to represent their town in the games.
Will they make Ponyville proud?
Will they win some gold medals?
How will they manage so much nobles in town? Including their lovers' family.

Awesome Cover art by BillieW.

Apple Scratch Saga:
1: Apple Scratch toward the world
2: A summer at the farm
3: Onward to the Equestria games
Bonus/World Building : Tales of Apple Scratch

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"That won't be necessary, Mr Braeburn.

He never said his name.

a man holding a chronometer with short messy brown hair

THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

talking about the incident had brought back the vision of how weak and distraught had been after the incident.

distraught Vinyl had*

Great chapter. Was putting off working till this came up. Now, hopefully, I can finally work.

how goody. I had modified the two sentences you pointed and didn't save them :facehoof: SHAME!!

All better now! thanks for pointing them out.
happy I let the doctor in the team?:ajsmug:


Yes. Yes I am. I fucking love The Doctor.

gah why cant i get the muffin? why? i've searched derpy after derpy looking for it but it still eludes me, all i can find is derpy saying muffin, where are you muffin?
:derpyderp2: in my belly?
that doesnt help, i want muffin
:pinkiehappy:here you go
wrong muffin
fyi, need muffin emot

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes :twilightsmile:

I hate you.

Rose. Don't know why. You could just roll a 6-sided die (after this one, of course) and put a number to the others. Whatever you get (that isn't a repeat) is who you write. Or just whoevers part won't stop running through your head.

nice suggestion (the D6 thingy):twilightsmile:

and also Why?:raritycry:

Well, you update so fast (and it is always here right when I fucking wake up). And I can't put off reading a chapter. It makes a perfect distraction from work I need to get done.

Oh I see, ....:twilightsheepish:
I'll try to slow down the update rate... (can't promise anything though, because it's soon Uni-break for me)
(as for the wake up part I blame the difference in time zone :twilightsheepish:)

Don't slow down on my account. Keep it up.

Lucky muffin reference? It's not cool runnings is it? :rainbowderp:


Since you got it right the first!
Have a derpy :

i say vinyl so we can hurry up and get to the juicy "Meet the Asshats" part
and by asshats i mean octy's folks

Octavia would have to explain her father why did his wife turn completely deaf by one of her lover's cranked up Applebucking spell

I'd like to see this happening, yet I'm sure that Vinyl cares for Octavia far too much to blast her mother :eeyup: (even if she seems to deserve it so much :flutterrage:)

Oh, and I say CK :twilightsmile:

I, High Princess Celestia of Equestria, declare that the seven hundred fifty fourth Opening Ceremony of the Equestria Games is now officially over!

I didn't know the games ended before they began. Maybe do "declare that the wait for the".

I hate you. I REALLY hate you. Just as I was about to go to bed, I saw this updated. I hate you.

I thought you would do the meeting the family before the Games. I am assuming you will do that on a bye day or just after a day of the Games or something? Maybe have the Games pull a Super Bowl (power went out mid game). Something. Whatever.

Oh, and did I mention I hate you?

it's the opening ceremony that's over. Drats I thought that it was clear enough :ajsleepy::facehoof: I'll rephrase it.

And yes you said it :pinkiehappy:

don't worry about meeting the parents. I have a few things prepared for that matter:pinkiehappy:

It was clear, I am just tired so I misread (4-5 times). It was a fault on my end. Sorry.

P.S. I hate you.

Always a pleasure Syvvak :derpytongue2:
Sleep tight!

it seems that everytime a chapter in this series updates, my first thought is 'Fuck yeah! It updated!' :yay:
Keep up the amazing work

im gonna buckin kill lightning dust. she was a bitch in the episode she was in, and she's a bitch in this. the only differences are magic and gilda


Count me in, let's go get her! :flutterrage:

2311984 great, you bring the chainsaw, ill get the cake mix :pinkiecrazy:

I expected some sort of cheating in the first event.

i did a little, ditzy or derpy is the best
:derpyderp1: aww i'm blushing
Derpy for all

Yay. You're gonna take a bit to update.:yay:

Great chapter brah. I love what you did with the title, making readers anticipate something most likely bad. I loved it. Can't (can) wait (just a little) for more.

enjoy while it'll last Syvvak.:ajsmug:
From Friday it'll be massive update rate:pinkiecrazy: for I have two weeks of break:pinkiehappy:

Glad you liked it. (as for the title, just want to say that a crash did occur:raritywink:)

Oh, I know it did, but it made you think it was gonna be more foul play. And I have another about seven months of break.


I really love this story. This is practically the reason I've just created an account in the first place.

I was a little worried from the chapter title but I'm relived to see that Ditzy did great and the crash wasn't what I was expecting! :pinkiesmile:

awww i hate her mother but that was just precious between the two:fluttercry:

Sweet chapter. I think I am gonna revert to using one word comments for your chapters. It... seems right.

I'd say they have Clayton Carmines love for Bacon.

I heard this song during the second interaction between Vinyl and Sonata.

I hate violence... If my girlfriends mother did that she would be but a red stain on the wall when I was through with her... and just like the Apples I don't make threats, because a threat implies that I may not follow through

High class or not i would have taken the bitch whors head off

Glad you like it:ajsmug:

Whatever floats your boat :raritywink:
After all, sometime a word tells more than a full sentence:pinkiehappy:

I completely second those thoughts of yours:ajsmug:

MMMMmmm! Bacon:rainbowwild:

That song rocks....and it fits the scene so good:rainbowderp:

I like Vito, he's a good man :pinkiesmile:

And I approve Vinyl's course of action, great chapter :twilightsmile:

I couldn't be all serious for the serious bit because I was still cracking up from Vinyl's and Big Mac's exchange in the bathroom. :rainbowlaugh:

Aside from that, great chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Not trying to make you mad but its saturday and no new chapter.

Yeah I know, I'm trying to finish it,
A lot came up in preparation of eastern dinner, I got side tracked.:ajsleepy:

When I read about CK getting Twi out of her stupor, I remembered this.

Realy good chapter can't wait for the new one.

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