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Rarity's birthday is coming up soon, and Spike is looking for a birthday present for her. As he is walking down to market, he overhears one stallion tell another that his fillyfriend showed him her filly bits. Spike thinks that these are collector's editions of regular bits that are used as currency, and decides they would be a great gift for Rarity.
Rated Teen & tagged sex for suggestive themes and euphemisms (no sex happens, though).

Awesome cover art by BaffledDingo

Featured 10/9/2014 :-)

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Great comedy

Isn't Filly Bits that rapper who won an award for best Hip Hop Video for her song "I Don't Get Money"?

Cloud Kicker didn't quite cover all of her mouth this last time and Spike could have sworn he saw her smiling as she was coughing. Strange...why would somepony be smiling when they cough?

That broke my interest in the story for a minute. Spike's a little too savvy of a character for such a cheap method of maintaining his ignorance. But the rest of it had my grinning pretty hard. And Spike got his filly bits!

Okay, this was pretty :rainbowlaugh:

I think I'm going to die from laughter. Where is medic?

Never has a plot summary made me laugh so much. You, my good fellow, have my full attention.

This story didn't disappoint!

This was a fun read. I needed something like this. Thank you.

the whole time i had a big dumb grin on my face
well done:yay:

I kind of think that Spike's thought process coming at the beginning of the story is forced, I mean he doesn't really deliberate on it. "Filly bits, oh that's what it is..." Regardless of my thoughts on that minor issue, it was a fun and hilarious fic. I love Luna's prank. :trollestia:

Davenport called Cloudkicker a prostitute.:fluttercry:

:moustache: This was quite a hilarious fic. Thanks for the laughs! :rainbowlaugh:

Was reading this on my laptop, while relaxing in bed. Had to stuff a blanket in my mouth to keep from laughing and waking everyone up.:rainbowlaugh:

5116937 I know, Specially With :trollestia:'s Reaction! XD

I liked this!!!!

Hillarious, you have earned a place in my top five comedies.

My sides ... I think, I need new ones :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Naughty bits & Filly bits are in the Trottingham prank shop on Cloudsdale Lane next to the banger shop:derpytongue2::facehoof::raritystarry::moustache:

Forgot Welsh rarebits & gravey

Kibbles & Bits!

Spike is looking for a gift for Rarity's birthday and overhears one stallion tell another that his fillyfriend showedhim her filly bits.

You're missing a space in your short description, buddy.:twilightblush:

*Sees title*
It's been too long since I've seen a fic like this.:twilightsmile:

Nice job!

The perfect soundtrack:

This fic was wonderfully done. I loved the pranks, and the tons of misunderstandings throughout this fic.

Funny story, and totally something I could see Spike, the CMC's, and Princess Luna not knowing and walking around asking for.

OMG BEST STORY EVER!! Haha! :rainbowlaugh:

Loved Celestia's reaction. I had to do it myself(her expression) so I could know what it was like...(I'm weird like that- :pinkiecrazy: )
Beautifully written! Good job!

That was painful. But hilarious. Good job.

Write about the funny word 'duty'!!!!!!

Great story! I actually collect coins myself. In fact I really do have filly bits. 6 of them, can you guess which each of them belong to? Hehehe. :heart:

May have this fic been part of the Winningverse, I would have love Rarity´s reaction when Spike tells her he has AJ´s fillybits for her birthday :raritystarry:



Oh man, when Luna appears, I almost lost it! I'm glad you had her in this!

I loved the story! Had me laughing the whole way!

An interesting tale about naive confusion. It suffers a little bit from telling instead of showing in certain portions of the story. But overall it was funny and cute.

Good job :ajsmug:

Interesting and a rather funny. Made me think of this: Spike and eating carpet

This is what happens when you don't have, "The Talk"!:twilightblush:
Or are locked away for a thousand years.:trollestia:

Good for a laugh!

That zinger at the end, that was sooo priceless! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
:moustache: Moustache for you!

She appeared to have something that she wanted to day,


Re-read this while waiting for updates. Just as funny as the first time around.


I know how those are :rainbowlaugh:.

We can't...officially...call them what we thought they were called when we searched the other day, but...

but they'll figure out the innuendo on their own soon enough.

This was very funny. I loved it!

This was hilarious. I'm a bit torn about it though, the humor was amazing but the actually plot was completely forced and did not flow naturally at all.

“Ah suppose I do.” Applejack sounded a bit irked.

I think I can help.”

“Speakin' of which, how did I get involved?”


[Ah is a thick phonetic I, and when used in an accent. Replaces I.]

I think this is my fifth time re-reading this. It's a really good little short fic, funny, and well done.


You're welcome :twilightsmile:, and I'm very glad that your muse decided to bless you with this fic. It's by far one of my favorite one shots, and is a very adorable Spike fic.

I recalled this after the better part of a year just by the premise alone...and it was time to take a look......damnit mare, too funny!

6th Re-read. And it still is every bit as heart warming and adorably awesome as the first time I read it.

7th Re-read. Seriously this fic is an amazing bit of fluff and art. I feel bad that I can't shower you with upvotes for making this story.

Oh, poor, innocent spike. What's worse... he got Luna best princess involved!

9th Re-read.

Worse or best?

promptly dies laughing

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