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Stallions Applejack, Rainbow Blitz and Butterscotch live in this crazy town of Ponyville. And they have to deal with neighbors harassing them, old enemies stopping by, chasing girls and more.

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I shall be...The first liker of this story. You're welcome.


Then I'll be the second.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Although.... First fave goes to me and I am enjoying this story immensely.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm a little bit confused. Is Cheerilee supposed to be Scootaloo's mother, or is Scoot's an orphan, and Cheerilee was just being a teacher.

Fav'd and liked.

Hm... interesting...
Please Blitz, tell us more about this... friend...

Seems decent so far, but you need to start going over your capitalization most notably when you use "I" or any time you use parenthesis.

"What's Twilight doing?"
"Rainbow Blitz"

Love that quote!

And "Professor Ash". I see what you did there.

2825796 The parenthesis and lack of capitalization are to show they when are thinking.

Will there be clopping in this story?

What the fuck?

Isn't that the song that plays during “Cupcakes" ?

2854435 That IS the same song yes. And it may come up again later...See if you can find the other two references in today's chapters.
2854074 I hope that's a good wtf. Was it one of the songs?

2854893 No, it was the hate towards Pinkie.

2855624 That's actually one of the references I challenges you to find out. Here's a hint: Andrea Libman has done Voice work before Friendship is Magic.:pinkiesick: Also think about what she said before she gets slapped.:pinkiegasp: Does that help?
I put shadows of other things in my work, but am I too vague?

Cover art reminds me of Pokemon Adventures when Silver finds out that Yellow is a year older than him. XD

Big Mac is dating Celestia and Luna. Calling it right now!

2861371 Wellllll, he does bring more than one gal to meet Granny Smith. There are going to be wings, and horns excluding Rarity's. That's all I'm gonna say. :eeyup:
Do you have any Rarity jokes I can borrow? Please? I don't need any marshmallow:raritydespair: or Tom the Rock:raritycry: jokes though.


uring the first instrumental Twilight and Pinkie stood on their hinds and started dancing around. It wasn’t much more than throwing their hooves back and forth but Spike and Blitz smiled at how cute they looked.

Also. (Warning, those links are NSFW, be cautioned.)

And Cupcakes.

Granny wants some Great-grand kids now, Damn it!

*spits coffee everywhere* Big Mac is dating Derpy!? I would've expected it to be a guy, just to throw his family off.

Yeah Butterscotch FTW!!!!!! :yay: I await to see more of him, and I'm betting its Red Gala

Dammit!!! I thought she was on here lol

2989575 Don't worry, Big Mac still gets a good girlfriend. And good things happen to Butterscotch too, maybe a date, maybe not.
I'm disappointed no-one has commented on chapter two yet. This one hurts and is difficult to read(no similar experience in my own life thankfully).:pinkiesick:

Oh, so the Apple family worships Cthulhu. Um. Okay then!

So here is my critique in all standards the storytelling was superb i love the fact that everypony has a special somepony true butterscotch is still working on his and hopefully (with blitz help) he can do it.Now for the puns and tidbits that you put in all these stories great job loved all of them and they are quick to pick up on.In all asspects a great read and i cant wait for the next chapter to come out.


My, my, I must say, you've created a master piece! I congratulate you sir!

"Whats Twilight Doing?"
"Rainbow Blitz"
"Aww, Thats Sweet."

Too Damn Perfect XD


How does that work?...

Unless its a Reference to Futurama, with the Whole Universe playing out exactly the same, except 10cm Lower...

3928794 I'm not sure I know what your asking about. It's a song from Drawn Together, Tara Strong did the Voice of Princess Clara.
And Pinkie's past life is when Andrea Libman did the Voice of Sweetie Belle in G3.5.
2855624 ^This.

So wait..
and :yay:x.... Darn you Emoticon Box not having Cheerilee!

No love for Pinkie:pinkiesad2:?

When I saw the title of this chapter I was like;
And I read the chapter...
Oh heck no, poor Butterscotch...

2843908 rated teen so probaly implied

Jeez, Sugar's parents were having butthurt because she liked mares? :ajbemused:
Oi. :ajsleepy:

"What's Twilight doing?" :pinkiesmile:
"Pfft, Rainbow Blitz." :moustache:
"Aww, that's sweet!" :pinkiehappy:
I read this conversation and I was just sitting there thinking about what I was doing in my life.
Then I realized ponies happened to it.
Oi. :ajsleepy:


3064012 The reason is because it was simply to short. The story was there, but it was incredibly rushed.

*Looks at the tags*

I could sure use a comedy to cheer me up

“I tried to tell her I was sorry. I didn’t mean to. All I ever wanted to do was makes ponies smile and I never wanted to hurt her. I was so sorry and would never, ever, ever do something like that again. I told her I still loved her and always would and asked her to forgive me. I tried everything: talking to her parents, the kids at school, saying I like mares too, but no-one believes me. Nothing made anything better for her. A few days later I try to find Sugar to apologize again and find out she hanged herself.”

she hanged herself

hanged herself

Comedy gold right there. And some really accurate tags too! Look at all the randomness and comedy. So far Butterscotch has been half molested by bullies and had his masculinity insulted, and Pinkie made someone kill themselves. Tell you what: all is forgiven if you add an irony tag or something.

Get your tags right. This is like slice of life, or tragedy right now.

6445348 Al I can say is I do take the comedy more seriously from Chapter 3 onward. I thought I had a Slice of Life tag, gotta add one now. Thanks.
Lyra and Bon-Bon do back off when he puts his foot down, no-one gets hurt. And being Slice of Life to me means I have some wiggle room to do things that hurt. If I ever get back to this, which I do plan on someday, Cloudkicker has a dark secret but a bright future.

“I wanted to ask you a few things about being a pegasis.”

He was a lightweight for a pegasis, but no-one who knew him called him that. He preferred the term “beast.”

“You see, she’s growing up and I’m going to give her The Talk soon. What anything about being a pegasis that I should tell her? Preening her wings, um, maybe molting? Are her wings going to affect her hormones differently? Should I ask a mare about this?”

I think you mean pegasus.

Ya know.

I prefer it to be Y'know. But that's me.

So moulting.

Umm, is it suppose to be molting?
But still, I like this

No comments? Well I just commented :P

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