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Simply wonderful.

Besides hitting both Fluttershy and Discord's personalities right on, you managed to highlight the glorious nature of season long plot foreshadowing in a meaningful and consistent way without breaking into pure explanation. THAT, in and of itself, is worthy of merit, that you managed to pull it off so well in such a short work is amazingly fulfilling.

Well done.

Very nice. Is that ending a potential sequel?

You should tag Discord and Fluttershy with Twilight. On another note, this story, in my opinion, has some flaws. I think Fluttershy is way to bold in this and I think she figured it all out way to quickly. Maybe a few days later, after everything had calmed down, but mere hours after? Also, Celestia was willing to completely destroy whatever trust the ponies had with Discord, let her subject's magic be pulled out of them, and risk the lives of THOUSANDS, so Twilight could be the hero? And I know I am simply being picky, but Fluttershy saying Discord is not the spirit of chaos is really bugging me.

All in all, good idea, but it needs some work.:pinkiesmile:

Discord seemed awfully close to another prankster I know... Gee... Someone who has a plan, who has carried out a long con in order to ensure the survival of a race of beings, and has single-handedly nearly undone all of reality at one point or another... Wow... Could it be that he was acting like Q?

Yeah I know, not a big stretch, but really, what she was explaining was more along the lines of something Q would have done. But then again I've pretty much came up to the conclusion that Discord is an inter dimensional being. In Equestria Prime he's Discord. In Star Trek the Next Generation he's Q, and there are other beings I'm sure he has been in various universes.

Someone as old, powerful, and obviously wise as Discord is going to know how to keep a secret... For a mortal like Fluttershy to figure that out... It means that she does understand him, and I think that this explains how he feels about it.

"It's not often that we find a connection that burns so brightly, so warmly, and so vividly. When we do, it's our hope, the hope of every being that lives, that this connection will last a life time. That's the problem though isn't it? I don't have a life time. I have several, and I know that one day this connection will be gone. When it is, what will become of me? The person I am exists because of our connection, but when you go where I can't follow... I fear for the world on that day." - and original quote from one of my original fiction pieces.

For the story itself, it's decent. I just don't see how Fluttershy can put the pieces together that quickly. This is right after the occasion. I feel like Fluttershy was, for a part of the episode, too emotionally distraught, to even consider Discord conning everyone alongside Celestia. She's not one to really think analytically about situations, as that's more Twilight's strengths. Not mention she's being very confident in what she's saying about Discord. More so than we usually see. She seems to have all the gaps filled in (I'm not sure if she should, because she wasn't there for all of it. I'm guessing she was told pieces of it, so eh), but I don't think she'd ever be this cocky or go on such a long tangent or even smirk while telling him he's not the spirit of chaos he claims to be. Just doesn't sit right with me.

Not to mention it just... ends. It certainly feels empty. I don't know what would fill it, maybe with Celestia or something, but I feel like the story went, "being at the party, leaving the party, Fluttershy giving (in fair detail) about everything Discord planned, and goodnight!" After learning all this about Discord and what happened, Fluttershy, after a few extra questions, just up and goes to bed. Nothing really happened in this story except for a reveal of the con.

And this is going on the basis that Discord and Celestia planned the whole thing, and I simply can't buy it. Without going too into it (paragraphs long, probably), Discord's reactions appeared far too genuine for it to be a trick. Twilight's Kingdom had Discord developing more character based on a mistake he made, because he's still learning this friendship thing. He wants freedom to use his magic again, so it's understandable that he'd do it (not to mention the Mane Six and even Spike - aside from Fluttershy - still kind of treat him like jerks, but I digress). So suddenly destroying all that growth and turning what happened simply a theory just feels off-putting. While it's not wrong to make up theories, I honestly can't imagine that they'd go through all this danger just so Twilight can save the day.

4983955 That's it. Stroke my ego. I think it likes you.:trollestia:
4984080 I very much doubt it. If there is another story it will most likely be Celestia and Discord plotting something. Just talking, taking no real action, building a tree of possibilities, pruning and shaping it to find the best outcome for them.
4984085 Twilight was a point of their talk, but not the focus. I considered putting Celestia in, but even she was a stretch. And about Fluttershy, she needs to be more bold, and she has been, you saw her snap at Discord after he turned the farm into an ice rink. Also, Fluttershy figured out his riddle "Twists and turns are my master plan..." The very next line was Fluttershy saying "Can we go home now?" She knew they had a duty(she did not shrink away from braving Everfree with Nightmare, nor did she run away from the Changelings), and the Elements were found home in Ponyville. She knew what Discord meant all along. So putting this together, along with some educated guesses would fit Fluttershy past with Discord. And No, Twilight is not the hero, Discord and Celestia are. It's over, Tirek's gone, does it matter who gets the glory? Telling Twilight the plan could have tipped Tirek as to the plan in any number of ways, and they simply didn't bother tell her otherwise when it was done. Discord says if that's the case they have their reasons. Discord's Riddle(it's important), his first line, "Twists and turns are my master plan..." Would a spirit of chaos have a plan at all? Isn't chaos not knowing what will happen, wouldn't that allow no room for a plan?
4984183 I actually don't know much about Star Trek. Any comparison between this and that are coincidental. But I have wondered when they wrote Discord, did they already have John DeLancie lined up to Voice him? Did they write him with Q in mind and get DeLancie because it seemed fitting? Who knows?
4984633 I mentioned Fluttershy piecing everything together so quickly a the previous response, and you are right about analyzing the situation being Twilight's strength. But this is Discord. Fluttershy see right through him(riddle, taunts in the maze), and she felt proud of herself for tricking Phliomena into eating her "cure all" medicine, that was close to a smirk.
Yeah, really did not know how to end it.
Discord's reactions did appear genuine, but then why did he go to see the girls before leaving to face Tirek? Why did he mention the diary? Why did he bookmark the entries that lead to the keys? He did not have to do any of this, but he did and he had a reason. The reason being to open the box. Why would he not warn Triek of Princess Twilight, and the box when their teamed up(I am just realizing this now, should have Fluttershy say it) unless he wanted them kept secret? And perhaps Discord already knows Friendship, and he already uses his magic for his own amusement, like he always did. What changed? Really, he's more considerate of others now, that's all I see that's different. This theory shows he's grown much more than he's given credit for. And again, no-one did this to make Twilight the hero. Tirek is gone, it's over, who cares who the hero is? Everyone thinks it's Twilight? Whatever, no biggie.

Thank you to both MissyAngel and Spiritofchaos227, I hope I answered you points if not persuaded you. Let me know if I missed anything.

Actually, yheah. When writing Discord, in one of the vids they mentioned something along the lines of no, he needs to be more mischievious, like... you know, Q from Star Trek... I'm paraphrasing (it's been a while) and they were overjoyed when he agreed to do it.

And yheah, a lot of this fits is excecptionally well with cannon material. Heck, Celestia even mentions that they might need him/his powers... that if he could be turned good, it would be good for all of them. We've also seen Celestia/Luna's plotting skills before, (think of Starswirl's Journal or the Summer Sun Celebration when Celestia knew full well of her sister's location)... I fully enjoy the fleshed out, and extremely plausible, conspiracy theory.

After all, a conspiracy is only something that multiple characters agree to do, not something automatically crazy or fictional.

thats nearly exacly what i thought after the season 4 finale xDD

It's a nice story, but it suffers in a bunch of places from "your =/= you're" and the possessive particle ('s) being inglobated in words.

4984995 Honestly, I hadn't thought of her saying, "Can we go home now?" meaning anything. Huh, now that I think about it, that is a good point. Fluttershy isn't quite assertive enough to really say, "Hey, I figured it out." Yet I feel like she should've mentioned something so they didn't have to go through all that trouble for nothing. While I don't think she'd run away from this problem, like you said, she also wouldn't put all of her friends in danger for a goal of absolutely nothing at the end.

And while there are good points in there, you forget that that is before Discord met up with Tirek. Discord is definitely Twilight's unofficial mentor that even she doesn't know about. Hehe. He offered her plenty of help in figuring out the puzzle. He knew how it worked, especially after reading through their journal, and this was a way for Twilight to focus on something while he went to take care of the Tirek situation. And don't forget, this isn't the only way Twilight can help someone learn about the magic of friendship. Yes, it would be harder, but I very much doubt it would call for a dire situation to hit.

However, Discord is chaotic neutral, always has been. Even before, he never really was evil; he just caused chaos, the opposite of harmony, so the ponies found it a great threat. He does whatever pleases him the most, as he has always been fairly selfish. Both sides of good and evil will always have something he wants yet also lack something he wants. He'll take whichever side gives him the better bargain. I don't see him teaming up with Celestia so Twilight can get something when all he gets is mistrust and doubts of his reformation from everyone. In the beginning, he was guiding Twilight to getting the last piece, but once Tirek promised him freedom for his chaotic magic, he tossed that all away because Discord found a side that better benefits him. He thought not only it would allow him to use his magic, but he thought he found a friend in Tirek.

Also, Discord learned a lot about friendship in that episode. He's now not only more considerate for others' feelings, but he's starting to understand friendship after his mess up. He's starting to recognize what he's doing can hurt others, and he regrets what he did. That's a big step. He's also seeing forgiveness from someone he didn't realize would give it to him and now sees that friendship is very delicate while wonderful, and that it can't just be tossed around.

My main concern is that, should Discord have not bothered with joining Tirek, all of Equestria would be safe, including his friends. No magic being sucked out, no possible threat to the land, no nothing. However, with this plan, he essentially left Equestra in hands that could've brought hell if not figured out properly. And most importantly, IF he did in fact trick them all, and all of this was a con, why on earth did the Tri-force (I mean, necklace... though one can't blame me) activate? Remember, you said Discord tricked them, and therefore, he did not learn the magic of friendship. He would be lying when he gave that little spiel, and the necklace shouldn't be activated from a lie. That would be a low cop-out.

You forgot to mention that Discord used his plundervines to attack the Tree of Harmony so that they would have to return the elements and get the box. And possibly that Celestia came up with the plan to reform Discord so that he could play his part in all of this.

4989373 I also forgot how he gave Twilight that Friendship Locket when he faked getting sick. That was supposed to be her Key Item, from him. When it didn't pan out he came up with another plan.

...That's brilliant! My mind is blown.


The only thing that's bugging me, is when all the other princess's gave Twilight their magic, Discord's body shook and his response was "That's not right." Maybe he wasn't privy to that part of the plan, or perhaps Celestia was worried that if Tirek defeated Twilight easily, he wouldn't have the need to trade her friends, Discord included, for her magic.

That being said, I found the story to be enjoying, and giving a new light to Discord's actions. I have to agree that the ending to the story is rather abrupt, but honestly, how do you end a story like this?:derpyderp1:

I was WAITING for a story that called out Discord on his 'betrayal'. The thing that made me suspicious was when Applejack asked the same question he asked Fluttershy. With as much as a master planner that he is, there was NO WAY he didn't see it coming. Thank you for writing this. Have a like and a fav.:yay:

Looks like Discord's a regular Neighthan Ford...

The smartest genius is the one you never suspect. Twilight is wise - discord is SMART.

'Slow clap'
Effin brilliant

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