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Everypony deserves love right? Even if the pony isnt a pony? Discord everypony's favorite chimerical eldrich abomination with a knack for fun and games on a grand scale and an abnormally large sweet-tooth should be no different. this group will be dedicated to spreading love to the god of chaos. so sit back and enjoy some fics! Also... we need a banner if somepony would be kind enough to make a relevant one id be reeeeeeeaaaaalllllly thankful!

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I'm looking for a Discord Story of O Fluttershy Rainbow Dash both having a crush on him it was based on season 9 Premiere he got hit

404432 Same! There just ain't enough.. I'm actually working on a slightly different kind of twicord story right now, a horror one, do you like five nights at Freddy's?

I came here to feed my hunger for the Twicord fics.

Um, I accidentally added my story to the 'Rarity' page when it's 'Celestia'. Can somebody remove it? When I tried, I accidentally added it to the Luna folder as well. Please disregard those inclusions.

In it for the Fluttercord

Could you add an OC folder?

Comment posted by Rose Brush deleted May 18th, 2014

OF COURSE, I'll join. All hail Discord, god of chaos! :heart:

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