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welcome to the Fluttercord Library.

a Fluttershy x Discord shipping stories. Here you can put any stories romantic stories ,dark stories ,even clop stories and more.
don't be afraid to post your stories or others people stories. If like or are a fluttercord fan .came and join

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Not sure if I'll be an active member here, but I am a Fluttercord (saying as though it were a religious denomination in ponyfandom), so here I am to read tales of the shipping of Fluttershy and Discord, in the words of my poetic champion, William Blake, A Marriage of Heaven & Hell. "Without contraries, there is no progression!"

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I :heart: fluttercord!

Fluttercord stories are the best!
PS I have a crush on discord

im gonna like it here...:heart:

Woah, I made a comment about contributing to the "Fluttercord Library", and here this was! :rainbowlaugh:

Just a little query, can we post any stories or just FlutterxCord

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