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Heyyyy... Just read your page and everything I've seen so far is exactly like me... Except I'm a year older. Just feeling weird here.

Been a while

1886135 No, I'm really sorry. :fluttershysad: I hope she's ok.

Sorry, but I haven't
Hope everything is ok:pinkiesad2:

:pinkiehappy: Thank you so much for the watch :raritystarry:


I'm glad you like how I portray him. I do my best to be true to all the characters. :applejackunsure:

Just show me what you got and I'll see what I can do to help. :raritywink:

1708815 Pfff! Yeah, you wrote Spike while keeping him correctly character, not a lot of writers can do that in clopfics... :twilightsmile:
Me being one of the them... :pinkiesad2:

1514187 Of course! And...LOVED IT! (Yur awesome and you watch Gravity Falls!)

Thanks for the follow!

Hey thanks for the watch you! I'm happy you like my stuff. :heart: I'll be sure to keep it up :twilightsmile:

Thank-you so much for adding my story to your faves! I'm glad that you liked it! OTP!

Thank you for the favourite on First night of autumn! :heart:

  • Viewing 11 - 30 of 30
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