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I'm a girl who is a fan of MLP:FIM and is a MAJOR FLUTTERCORD SHIPPER/FANATIC...And other things too :3

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Okay, new story idea! · 5:37pm Jan 2nd, 2021

So...I have an idea for a new story...Dunno if everyone's gonna like it, but here goes; Everypony thought their trouble were over when the legion of doom was turned to stone...But after it's discovered that the three have escaped with the help of an old villain (One I haven't used in a story before), the main six, Red Rose (My OC) and Discord have to stop them, once and for all this time. Pretty standard story idea, but I'm doing it based on a roleplay I did with a friend, and ships WILL be

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Great! But let me say the first chapter: the beginning is very short but they get longer, and it might be a tiny bit cringy, I still need to work on my writing skills :twilightblush:

Wow, that's incredible! I would love to take a look!

I know, I know...Anyways, your stories are so cute and don't make me cringe like some of my OWN stories, though maybe you could consider reading my story "A True Family"? this one I feel confident about. You don't have to if you don't want to, but a lot of people like it, hell, even DISNEYFANATIC23 HERSELF, the one who WROTE and DIRECTED the STORY and AUDIO DRAMA of Freakin' "BRIDE OF DISCORD" liked one of my chapters!!!:raritystarry: Again though, just a recommendation.

It's cool, really and I get what you mean. But he did play into Sombra's ego and provide an opening so his fake injury did help.

Yes I did, but I'm pissed at Discord because he was being a DICK, pretending to hurt when he really wasn't. I had a FEELING he might be faking because the cough didn't seem too legit, but I didn't want to believe it...I know it was to "Be Supportive" but he DID realize Fluttershy was in TEARS right? I mean for the other girls he wouldn't care, but for Fluttershy? He probably knew she would take it well. And I guess he DID save Fluttershy, the blast Sombra fired was heading mostly towards Fluttershy, and he jumped in front of her, so I guess he DID save her from being hurt.But OMG, that moment, the moment Fluttershy screamed his name in fear and sadness, the moment she tenderly held his head, the moment he held and rubbed her cheek while she smiled through her tears, telling her she would always be kind, my heart melted, my eyes filled with tears, and I Gushed in adoration over the Sweetness that is Fluttercord Fluff. Sorry for rambling BTW XD

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Hello, I'm Redrose, I'm just looking to write fanfiction, and someday, become well known like Disney fanatic, but for now, that's just a dream.

Anyways here's me:

Name: Red Rose
Species: Alicorn(I was supposed to be a unicorn, but was mutated with wings somehow)
Age: Fourteen
Favorite Ship: FLUTTERCORD
Spare time things: Writing stories on here, drawing, reading, singing, Etc
Favorite Color: Red, Pink, and purple, and sometimes rainbow
Fan of: Harry Potter, Mlp, Fnaf (Five nights at Freddies) Undertale, Skillet songs, Etc

So yeah, that's me