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I'm a teenage girl, who loves to write, and is, of course, a MLP fan! :D

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A little about me

Okay, let's see... Where should I start? Um...
Might as well start off with the basics.
Name: That's top secret, but my alias is Katrina, so you can call me that or something. x3
Gender: Female.
Age: Again, that's top secret. Let's just say I'm a teenager.
Birthday: July 28th.
Favorite MLP character: Princess Luna.
Favorite Mane Six character: I think Applejack.. Maybe... I dunno, it's hard to choose.
Favorite MLP villain: Nightmare Moon.
Favorite MLP couple/ship: Fluttercord (Fluttershy x Discord).
Country: America/USA.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, gaming, watching TV (yes, accept it as an actual hobby xD), and drawing.
Favorite music type: Well, I like country. Not to mention classical, pop, rap, hip-hop... Almost all the music types.
Relationship status: Single and proud! :D
Sexuality: Straight/aromantic. The reason why I say this is because I AM technically straight, but I'm aromantic as well, which means I don't really have an interest in being in a relationship... *Shrug*
Favorite song: I can't choose..
Favorite sport: Either soccer or baseball.
Little fact about me: I have mild Autism.
So yeah, I think that's pretty much it! ^^

Some mini notes:
1st thing: If you dislike any of my stories, please, please, PLEASE let me know why you disliked, so I can improve! Otherwise, I'm going to go nuts not knowing the reason!
2nd thing: Any hate/abuse comments on my page or stories will be deleted, as I will not tolerate negative things on my page.


Seriously? · 9:27pm Sep 15th, 2016

I have to say... I'm really annoyed.
Most people that have disliked my stories don't even leave a comment as to why. No constructive cristism or anything.
Few (hardly any) people have done this, and I'm glad those people did. I don't even know if some of those comments were explanations to why they disliked it or not. But if they were, no one else has left comments like that, and it just really is bothering me.

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Thank you for the bookmark! I hope you enjoy it!:twilightsmile:

Yeah, they look really interesting to me. And I'll be sure to do that, thank you! ^^

Wow, holy hell, thanks for taking such interest in my stories, as well as the follow! Also, out of all the stuff you added, I'd suggest 'My Only Sunshine' as your first read. That one's a doozy, and always gets a reaction from people who read it.

2350839 Yeah, I listened to one of hers', and it was EXTREMELY good. It was a reading of "The Friendship Test" by Magpiepony. ^^
Hmm, that story sounds interesting! I'll be sure to read it. :twilightsmile:
And don't worry, my comments have gotten pretty long, too. x3


TheLostNarrator's fic readings have really good sound effects. It turns out pretty good for the gore stories.

Speaking of Cupcakes, have you heard of Pattycakes? It's kinda like Cupcakes but more... random-er. It's sorta dark but not bloody gore dark. I recommend it to kill time. Idk if it's a spin-off of sorts to Cupcakes, but I found out about this story a few years back while scrolling though mlp photos on the internet (I clicked the link that shows up on the bottom of the photo and it took me to some blog looking thing-I forget- and it mentioned Cupcakes and explained how Pattycakes was funny to whoever was blogging.)

Any who, this comment went longer than I expected (again :ajbemused:) and I forgot why I even wanted to bring this up (besides the somewhat relation it has to Cupcakes).

2350702 Oh yes, I know of those two. XD
Yeah, you have a point. I just found it really dark myself, but it's actually mostly sad. And no problem, I'm glad it was a good recommendation for you. :twilightsmile:
I'll probably read that later, right now I'm not really in the mood to reading something dark for whatever reason. xD
I've actually already read Rainbow Factory, and I pretty much know the whole story of Cupcakes (don't ask me how cuz I don't know myself), so I think I'm good. x3


I just read it and wow was that sad. I wouldn't call it "EXTREMELY dark" considering The Rainbow Factory and Cupcakes exist :pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2: (you probably have heard of them). I'd call it more of the sad/romance kind of fics (even though it's tagged dark) that have some dark turns in it. It's a good story nonetheless and thanks for the recommendation!

I recommend this for some amateur dark. (Skip to the second half of chapter "A Brutal Princess". A short scene but *shrug* meh.)

Also listen to an audio reading of Rainbow Factory and Cupcakes if you haven't heard of it (though there's a good chance you have).



2350355 Hmm, I don't really know. I can only remember one from all the Fluttercord stories I've read. xD I think it's called The Corpse Bride. I would recommend it, but I have to warn you, it's EXTREMELY dark.


Cool! What else are your favorites? If its more Fluttercord, I probably would've known some of the titles (considering I made a bookshelf filled with Fluttercord :pinkiehappy:)

2346587 Yup! :DD It's among my favorite MLP fanfics, and if not, probably my favorite. ^^

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