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My Confession · 11:37pm Sep 20th, 2017

Hey Guys, listen I feel like I should explain something to you, something that you all have to right to know about.

I know I said that I would be working on my stories and that they would be uploaded very soon, well...

I'm afraid that hasn't been the case I hoped would happen. I have been going through a rough couple of weeks and going in and out of depression and writers block. I'm sorry for making promises I can't keep and I feel like it's time you know the truth.

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Thanks for faving my story!

Thank you for favouriting "Dear Babs Seed, will ya come back for the holidays?"! :scootangel: Merry Hearth's Warming!

Bookshelf, it's more like a library given how many I have favourited

Thanks for adding 'Earth to Soarin' to your bookshelf :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for adding my stories to your favorites, I hope you enjoyed them.

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