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Why I Haven't Updated In a While... · 6:11am May 29th

You may have noticed I haven't been posting a lot of fanfic chapters as of late, and on YouTube I haven't posted many videos (not even in between PMVs). But you may have noticed my blogs and videos talking about BronyCon. If not, I'm hosting two panels, both for which I'm making long videos, hopefully in time for the con in July. On top of that there's the last episode of "Daughter of Discord." So yeah. Next two months will be dedicated to those three big projects.

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Are you gonna do an audio drama for Son-in-law of Discord too?

I wish I could be friends with people like you, but you're all so high class, like the top MLP people, and I don't know how I could ever ask for friendship with you type of people. I would try and be myself, but that wouldn't work at all. 😕

Is it so wrong that I feel like I have to be as big and as amazing as you are, just to be friends with you, DF? I'm not a fan, just a kid hoping that MLP will help me actually make better friends than I used to have in real life, and will make my life easier. And it hasn't done that whatsoever. 😢 * sighs *

Love your Discord stuff, I guess.

Thank you DisneyFanatic23 for you advice on my thread umm by the way I just got done watching the last chapter of "Daughter of Discord" on YouTube and I love it!! I litterally want to watch it all over again, and again.....and again!! lol

Hey DF. If you're interested, would you like to give this story a read?

It's not entirely Fluttercord focus, but Discord is crazy obsessed with rescuing Fluttershy.


Hey, when you’re done animating daughter of discord, will you have more time to write?

  • Viewing 383 - 387 of 387
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