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I am an inspiring writer and the best way to practice my writing is by writing fanfics. My favorite shippings are Fluttercord and Darzotl,(daring do and ahuizotl)


Editing The Winter Pearl Story · 8:12pm Nov 3rd, 2018

Hey everyone!
Yes, it has been a while but I was re reading my fan fiction, the winter pearl with Daring and Ahuizotl and I decided that I could improve on the story and fix a few mistakes. I have done the first five chapters already. So if you are curious and what to read what I had changed. You can do that and I'll greatly appreciate it.

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Oh. Well thank you for your time. And please take all the time you need. ^^

Oh. Well thank you for telling me. I though my phone might've been glitching or something. I really love the story. Do you plan on continuing?

Oh yeah, I took it off to fix it a bit and change some things ^_^

Excuse me. I noticed that Ch 8 is missing from your Daring Do and the Winter Pearl series. Are you planning on continuing it?

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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