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:yay: Oh, hello there. You can come closer if you'd like. The birds won't bite.
:fluttershyouch: Yes, I heard you coming. Hoofsteps can be very loud, you know.
:raritystarry: Except for yours, darling!
:fluttershyouch: Eep.
:raritywink: You need not be embarrassed when it's true, dear Fluttershy!
:duck: In any case, I assume that you're following us now because you took a liking to our newest story, Listen, right?
:raritystarry: If that is the case, thank you very much! It means a lot to us and our author.
:duck: But next time, if you see us meditating like this, would you mind if you would kindly leave us be and come back later? Thank you.
:fluttershbad: Oh-oh-oh, but where are you going? I can hear you leaving.
:fluttershyouch: Rarity didn't mean right now. I thought you were going to try to listen with us!
:duck: Yes, darling, please don't go so soon. I thought the same as you, but meditation really can be something wonderful when you give it a chance.
:fluttershyouch: . . .
:fluttershysad: Won't you give it a try?

Thank you for the favourite on First night of autumn! :heart:


haha, fishing for compliments?

And I got a bite:rainbowlaugh:
Thanks for the words and again for the follow:eeyup:

1592433 haha, fishing for compliments? well i really enjoyed your most recent story Night Moves and i find that your other works original and well written.

Thanks for the watch:derpytongue2:
How did I earn it?:twilightblush:

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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