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Passions Star

I am a philosopher and spiritualist, I like to help others when I can.


The Gentlecolt Police

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List Owner of Scanner-Radio group for Police Scanner and Ham Radio enthusiasts, currently near 2k members strong with 5 Moderators beneath me.


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A Change in Pace
Chapter 1 is now out.
Chapter 2 is now out.
Chapter 3... (Suspended indefinatly)

Hand Made

Fluttershy Tail and Belt, made by my own two hooves

MLP Forever!


Continue to heal · 5:12pm November 3rd

Still healing up from the dental work I have had done, I will be glad when I can eat something more than just soup again, though I did manage chili the other night, may have to skip another pizza night on Saturday though.

Anyway, getting used to wearing Dentures.

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And Skype......................Solberg516
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My group - passions-star-fan-group


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Thanks for the follow! :heart:

You are most welcome, I wish also to extend a hoof in friendship

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