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Featured Sci-Fi Story: "Equus Metamorphosis" ( http://bit.ly/1YnanMR )


Rainbow Dash finds herself in the middle of a place filled with people she does not recognize, using technology she does not understand. Upon trying to discover the truth, she is met with a terrifying realization. Now, she must make her way through a new landscape with the culture of an entirely new race surrounding her.

This storyline serves as an opportunity to meld the science fiction of Philip K Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" with the fantasy world of My Little Pony.

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(Note: 3_26_2012:
Thanks to my friend Pirate for helping me proofread and concept-check Chapter 5!)

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This is awesome. Do more! I must read more! MOAR!

Best part: there was an advertisement for turtles right under the story!

Well, this ought to be a laugh.



I shall do moar! Thank you for much for your inspiring comment, hehe! :yay:



A turtle ad under my story? Hah! I love it! Thank you for the comment and read! :twilightsmile:



I seek to put comedy into serious situations like this to lighten the emotional payload. Thanks for the comment! I shall write more tonight! :rainbowdetermined2:


Shit just got real.
Great job, very suspenseful! I can't wait to see what happens!


Thank you! And that's just the beginning! :yay:

Dash has always seemed like a capable action/suspense heroine to me. She's just that awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:


I'm really liking this crossover! Hoping to see some more diverse pony to human interaction in the next chapter, now that Dashie is out of the facility and will undoubtedly meet humans more or less unrelated to her situation.
Oh and please give one of these humans a strong Austrian accent.

very cool. this story is awesome.


Thank you so much! Dash is definitely going to experience some very interesting things in the next chapter, the tentative title of which is called "Blue Memory."

And "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" would be an interesting mention at some point, if the movie Total Recall is what you're referencing. :twilightsmile:



Thank you! And it's just getting started. :yay:


Of course it is! Oh and another agency man yelling "You betrayed the LAW!" at detective Harrison at some point would make me squeel with joy. Either that or the "Eat recycled food, it's good for the environment and okay for you" ad-blurb.


"Lawwwwwwww?" So sayeth the Armand Assanti.

I've got LOTS of room for SF jokes! Hehe!:derpytongue2:


Well interesting concept and you pulled off dash quite well, the trouble will be maintaining dash on mars:pinkiecrazy:

Another great chapter! Keep up the good work!


Thanks! It is interesting to see how I can keep Dash with the characterization viewers love from the show while adding new dynamic elements to her. And Mars is a great place for so many plot twists!



Thank you for the compliment and your continued support! :twilightsmile:



all I got to say.

loving this so far and no real complants from me


Thank you very much! I'm really enjoying writing this as well. :rainbowkiss:


Pretty trippy. Then again, it's Pinkie Pie :pinkiecrazy:

The straw that finally broke Twilight's back.


Hehe, eeyep! She's exactly that. And just imagine what kind of crazy things she can do on Mars!



Not only that, but if you know the immensity of the straw, you'd be able to understand why it was so hard for her to bear. And trust me when I say I'm leading up to that reveal as soon as a few plot points are dealt with. It will be a massive turning point in the story.


Still working on a new chapter?


Not yet, but I've thought about it on occasion. Especially Rarity's part. Still have plans, but National Pony Writing Month is taking up my time right now. Plus the Brony Fan Fair convention.


1194139 So this story isn't cancelled yet? Good. :twilightsmile:


oh no, not at all. I love science-y fiction.:twilightsmile:

1194161 Me too. I have an anthology of Philip Dick's short stories here waiting for me to be read. :twilightsmile:

Have you had any time to continue this in the last months? :twilightsheepish:


Aw, sorry. Haven't actually done anything with this story. I've thought about it from time to time, but not enough to write something. I've wondered how different the next chapter would be because of my current writing level. But if I do write something, I'll post an update on my blog. It's not over. ::twilightsmile:

Holy shit, I remember this!


Hah! cool! I actually tried making an audio version of the scene where the helicopter comes in. That was my FRIGGIN FAVORITE scene near the beginning.

I miss this story...

The Rarity one about Red District 3 shows what Rarity is doing during all this. It only has one chapter right now though. Not sure when I'll continue that...

3380464 This story, and you, hold a very special place in my dark online heart. This was one of the first stories I faved, and you were the first person to ever comment on my page about the story! Ah, the good ol' days. Every now and then I cruise through my old faves and check up on the authors that haven't updated in a while... it's usually very depressing. People just disappear without any kind of goodbye, and it leads me to believe the worst has happened. I'm glad you're still around and kicking, though.


*hugs* aw, I appreciate the fact that you remember this story and me so fondly. I remember did enjoy writing it. I know it's not complete and that I update every now and then. Recently, the stories I submitted were "Journey to the House of Dust" and "The Siege of Red District 3: Unicorn Protocol" starring Roseluck and Rarity, respectively.

I'm such a jack-of-all-trades in the brony fandom. I've been a volunteer for conventions and recently was Lead Programming Coordinator was Brony Fan Fair 2013 in Austin, Texas this past September. I'm also now helping Neil Drawponies as an online moderator for his websites: www.drawponies.com I write the polls on his deviantART page and submit his new content to the various social sites.

I travel to conventions with Neil to sell his stuff too. I think about fan fiction stuff all the time. Well, I don't normally classify it like that. Usually, it's just some mental fantasy to get through the day, but now with the polls on drawponies DA, my hyper-imagination is finally getting a chance to play with a new poll every single day.

I still gotta work on a Luna costume too...for Nightmare Nights Dallas this November.

3384030 Wow dude, I had no idea you were so active! I've never been to a brony con, in fact I just went to my first a month back. RVA con in Richmond, Virginia, games, comics, anime; first one they've held and it was a huge success. Who knows, maybe in a few years I'll be joining in on one of the other cons.

I still haven't forgotten about this story! :twilightsmile:


Whoa, you commented here 87 weeks ago and you still remember! :D :D :D IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!

I actually did a voice-acting practice with this story to see where I could take it. I want to add to it...I know how I could. I just have to find the time.

Thank you for remembering, Feurisson. *hugs*

If you really wanted to stretch it, this story could also be based off Harrison Ford's "Blade Runner". But yeah, the book came first, so you win I guess...


Ah, I'd read the book and seen the movie, but no doubt somewhere in my mind the two started to mix and then this came out. :P

Very well written, I was drawn in to the point I could almost see myself in the situation, now I await further chapters, I love the story and look forward to reading more.


Awesome! Thank you so much for your kind words. I worked really hard to create that immersion of the reader into the scenario. Whenever I start imagining myself in a story, that's when I know I've got something special. :)

Oh, and in the next week I'm going to start doing audio-readings of fan fiction on my youtube channel. I think I might start with this one. It was either this story or one about VInyl Scratch. I can get around to both if I just keep at it day-to-day.

Expect to hear a dramatic reading of "Do Pegasi Dream of Flying Sheep" very soon. I'll post about it in my fimfiction blog, so you won't miss it if you just keep an eye out for it in the next week. :)

5989666 I will look forward to the dramatic reading, thank you

3 years of waiting and I still haven't given up on this story, that's how good it was! :D


And I always remember that you have such a passion for this story whenever I think about it. With all the inspiring reminders you give me, there's always a chance I'll get to return to this. I keep thinking how I'd like to approach it now with all this extra writing skill I have gained since I first started the story, but I think it would help me write it out in a more complex way.

Don't worry. I am thinking about when I can continue this. :)

Thank you for your dedication! It means so much to me :D

7004320 No problem! :twilightsmile: Thanks for the reply and, I'm glad to be able to inspire you! I just keep coming back to this story because even though I've read hundreds of other stories since I read this one, I still haven't found any other one that has a similar setting and is not a crossover with a game or a TV series. Or a storyline that is as oddly captivating. I'm looking forward to seeing it continued, whenever you are ready. I know that I haven't updated my stories in years either, haha.

Any Science Fiction stories/movies taking place on Mars

Ya know, there was some science fiction-y type movie that was mostly on Mars, I think it was called the Fifth Main character was not a cab driver. Anyway, it was a bit of a messy plot, a bit confusing. The thing is, he wanted to experience in virtual reality being a superspy, on a Mars colony, acting out amazing things and getting his dream girl at the end despite him already being married, then it seems something went wrong and he was forcibly removed from the simulator, and then events play out like a superspy story in which the main character does amazing things on Mars and gets a dream girl. The simulation was supposed to temporarily change the personality with a personality module to spy as well, but with movie explanation, the malfunction was caused by his actual personality being that of a spy, but he had had his head (5 h's in a row) messed with. Halfway through, his wife enters a hotel room he's staying at, and tells him that a malfunction occurred in the simulation, forcing him to be stuck there unless he forced his way out with a pill she had. He almost takes it, but doesn't and instead attacks, believing that she was just trying to confuse him and was working for the main antagonist. She immediately starts acting like she is, by the way. Anyway, in the end, the main antagonist's head explodes when he's ejected onto the surface before the main character and his dream girl activated some ancient artifact that spreads oxygen throughout Mars, making the surface breathable. It ends directly after the protagonist and that girl start making out, because reasons.


I love Total Recall! The original though. Never saw the new one. It's one of my favorite movies. Based on a Philip K. Dick book, too, which is the same author as the one who wrote the story that inspired this tale (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)

Thanks for checking this story out! :D *hugs*

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