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Dexter's Lab: Equestria Stories

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Dexter's Lab: Equestria - Chapter 15
[//////// ] - 15%

Nightmare Lulamoon - Chapter 5 (Suspended per review - May be permanently cancelled)
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0-25% - Storyline/Plot formulation
0-25% - Writing
0-20% - Review of chapter storyline and content.
0-30% - Proof-reading and final editing
Updated 08/23/2021

I've decided to start a Discord server, as an experimental method to keep me motivated in making updates; as well as a play for you all to directly chat with me.


Right now, its a basic Discord server. However, if its a success I'll put more effort into it.


Dexter's Lab Equestrria: Full Chapter 14 Proof Readers requested. · 10:00am Oct 26th, 2022

Hi everyone,

I know updates are slow, but I got one that can hopefully drop in the next few days. The only problem is I need proof-readers to make sure it is up to snuff for public consumption.

The next chapter is around 27k words, so proof reading it would take some time. It is also why I am willing to have a bunch of proof-readers, so I probably wont be turning any help down. NATURALLY, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS WHEN PROOF READING THE FULL DRAFT OF THE NEXT CHAPTER.

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Paying homage to one of my favorite writers here. Thus concludes the 3rd and final stop of my pilgrimage.

Here 2023

Come back to us! Been almost two months now.

I’ve been ill for the past 8 days. Four of them I was bed ridden. Feeling better now.

Are you okay?

You lived! I see the global pandemic has not taken you. Now, you just have to survive the salvo of hurricanes incoming. Good luck and looking forward to new chapters of Dexter. Hopefully I won't have to wait for literally years for an update.

Hope you are doing well!

It’s so cool this history!!

Only find this story in December. Glad I found it with new chapters posted.

Curious where it goes. Dexter has cornered himself as having to be top dog to the princesses, but I suppose he can have flexibility with the queen. And a long search for home still. Feels like an act change is coming and I'll be interested where it goes

Holy shit! He's alive!

What did you think of the new chap?

Holy shit man! You live!!! And even better, an update!?!


(I’m updating soon)

Just visited this site again to say my well wishes. I will, and for ever shall be a fan.

I'm already out of the fandom, but at least I wanna have a closing with this story.
At least post the wip

Well, a late happy new Year. Hope you still decide to return to your storys or get the favor of the gods to continue.
Just remember, we are still here and we still apriciate all the work you put in to them and we will suport you if you need it.

How’s it going Renegade? I hope you are surviving in this brave new world!

I wanted to ask you if you have a Patreon or a coffee online donation system setup? Just in case anyone wanted to support you and your work!

Can we have any type of update on how things are going please? Even a small blog post will be nice?

  • Viewing 178 - 197 of 197
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