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Dexter's Lab: Equestria - Chapter 12 (Continues after cannon side story: Nightmare Trip)
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Nightmare Lulamoon - Chapter 5 (Suspended per review - May be permanently cancelled)
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My official apology to everyone who wanted chapters less than 15k words in length. (Tiny Spoiler) · 9:04am Jul 30th, 2018


The worst part isn't that I have to proof-read it.

The worst part isn't that I have to edit it for story/character consistency.

The worst part is that I HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED THE CHAPTER YET. :fluttercry:

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Somewhat belated, but Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, hon!

You know, I recently found a song that I think sums up Dexter's situation nicely. They underestimate him, think that he needs to be protected due to his young age, but in the end they'll need his protection just as much as he will theirs. They're also stuck in their beliefs, but he's already started opening their minds to new possibilities.

There's even parts that fit with Nightmare Moon's possible return, due to Dexter's knowledge of her.

Comment posted by three1996 deleted Oct 21st, 2018

Are you going to continue the story? I am really interested in seeing what's going to happen next?

Happy New Year to you! I hope you are doing better!

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