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Updated 10/24/2016


Does this make sense? · 5:32am Nov 9th, 2017

Hey all,

Mini-tiny-baby spoiler warning.

So I wanted to let you all read a scene between Applejack and Dexter, both of which are talking. I just wanted to make sure the reader could track what Dexter was trying to explain to Applejack. Specifically, concerning her question to whether or not he is an alien after she discovers his lab.

See below, and please comment. Oh, trying to get an update out by the end of this week. Estimated 20K+ words. Sorry.


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Happy New Year to you! I hope you are doing better!


Spotted this in my weekly/bi-weekly stalking of your account. Huzzah! My insatiable hunger has been somewhat sated.

Any updates on the family situation? Hope everything is alright with your brother.

Oh --
Hope you all are alright Renegade!

Just Rainbow reacting to his true name would be worth the interdimensional trip.
2:21(the “copy video at current time ” option never works)

Ah screw it come one should do a pony reaction to this whole episode

Look at the blog post’s comment section, he said a family member’s appendix burst.

  • Viewing 154 - 158 of 158
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