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Nightmare Lulamoon - Chapter 5 (Suspended per review - May be permanently cancelled)
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Regarding the Final MLP:FIM Episode · 9:22am October 10th

There's something I wanted say about MLP, so feel free to skip this one if you're just looking for an update on DLE.

I got the chance to watch the french version of the last MLP:FIM episode with English subtitles. I ended up speeding through it at 2x speeds because I was just reading the dialogue. I'll avoid spoilers below.

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“But this, does put a smile on my face.”

Hello? How are things? I have not heard anything from you in a while and just wanted to check in to see if everything was alright?

Comment posted by Eternal Entropy deleted August 2nd

I could help you with all the science stuff if you want. After all as someone who also may or may not have a (lot of)secret(s) (lair) I believe I may be able to speed up the process. It has been 3 YEARS after all.

This. Except for the part about just finding this fandom because of this story (that medal goes to The Problem With Magic)

You are a great artist, Renegade. Other people cannot talk that away from you.

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