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Dexter's Lab: Equestria - Chapter 14
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Nightmare Lulamoon - Chapter 5 (Suspended per review - May be permanently cancelled)
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Updated 08/23/2021

I've decided to start a Discord server, as an experimental method to keep me motivated in making updates; as well as a play for you all to directly chat with me.


Right now, its a basic Discord server. However, if its a success I'll put more effort into it.


Dexter's Lab Equestria: Chapter 14 (Part 1 of 2) Proof-readers volunteers please! · 2:08pm Oct 26th, 2021

Hi everyone,

I am at the point where I am again asking for help from all of you awesome readers. I need a few volunteers to act as pre-readers/proof-readers/chapter-editors for the next chapter (Chapter 14) of Dexter's Lab Equestria.

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Only find this story in December. Glad I found it with new chapters posted.

Curious where it goes. Dexter has cornered himself as having to be top dog to the princesses, but I suppose he can have flexibility with the queen. And a long search for home still. Feels like an act change is coming and I'll be interested where it goes

Holy shit! He's alive!

What did you think of the new chap?

Holy shit man! You live!!! And even better, an update!?!


(I’m updating soon)

  • Viewing 185 - 189 of 189
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