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favorite characters are as follows in no particular order. Zecora, Luna, Fluttershy, Spike, Berry Punch, Lyra & BonBon, Vinyl Scratch, & Discord, Oh and Big Mac (as long as he's gay).


Bored · 1:51am Dec 5th, 2016

So.... Hey? Im kinda at a loss of what to do with my freetime lately, and most of my friends have moved on to new chapters in life. So... I was wondering if anyone wanted to talk? I've got telegram, which for those of you who dont know, is a an awesome messenger app with great stickers.

My username is: BeznikPartuuda

If you wanna chat, shoot me a message.

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I dont really have the time to write fanfic anymore. Im working fulltime, and also running a dnd campaign.

Comment posted by Assy Assman deleted Aug 7th, 2017

*whispers in your ear* Psst, for your next story you should Spike X Thorax. it would be cute

Can I say that I love your Spike-Big Mac stories?

I love your stories so much! :pinkiehappy:

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My OC's

Everypony is gay for Braeburn!

I write M/M fics (NO CLOP) & read all sorts of fics. I don't like most crossovers, human stories, self inserts, or unoriginal OCs.
Fluttershy is best mane 6 pony
Rarity is worst pony period
Spike is very under appreciated
Zecora needs more air time
These are facts
My favorite ships are:
Braeburn X Soarin
Zecora X Discord
Discord X Spike
Zecora X Fluttershy
Twilight X Trixie
Spike X Fluttershy
Spike X Luna
Luna X Fluttershy
Spike X Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle X Silver Spoon
Luna X Twilight
Chrysalis X Shining Armor
Celestia X Chrysalis
Chrysalis X Fluttershy
Luna X Chrysalis
Spike X Chrysalis

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