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favorite characters are as follows in no particular order. Zecora, Luna, Fluttershy, Spike, Berry Punch, Lyra & BonBon, Vinyl Scratch, & Discord, Oh and Big Mac (as long as he's gay).


Bored · 1:51am Dec 5th, 2016

So.... Hey? Im kinda at a loss of what to do with my freetime lately, and most of my friends have moved on to new chapters in life. So... I was wondering if anyone wanted to talk? I've got telegram, which for those of you who dont know, is a an awesome messenger app with great stickers.

My username is: BeznikPartuuda

If you wanna chat, shoot me a message.

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Comment posted by Assy Assman deleted Aug 7th, 2017

*whispers in your ear* Psst, for your next story you should Spike X Thorax. it would be cute

Can I say that I love your Spike-Big Mac stories?

I love your stories so much! :pinkiehappy:

I have to say the you, dear author, are one of my three favourite authors on this site. Despite some editing issues (which I would gladly lend my services to), your writing is amazing. Your plots reel the reader in and keep them there while also making every line incite the emotion it needs to whether it is laughter, sadness, or a general good feeling. You are a master of inciting the feels. You can feel the romance in every story, so much so that readers want to cheer for the couple or get frustrated when the characters are being idiots. Your cliffhangers make us want to continue reading and go to the next chapter just to see what is going to happen while also infuriating us when it's at a pivotal moment. Your foreshadowing ignites the readers imagination, getting them to try to think of what is going to happen in the future and making us yell out with joy when we guess right or blow us away in surprise.

Would you stop with the mush already!!!

Must you?:facehoof:

Yes I must! What he's trying to say is that you are all around awesome.

Isn't that what I said?*huffs*:flutterrage:

It's the abridged version. Anyway continue on writing, you genius you. We eagerly await more.

What he said.:eeyup:

  • Viewing 242 - 246 of 246
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My OC's

Everypony is gay for Braeburn!

I write M/M fics (NO CLOP) & read all sorts of fics. I don't like most crossovers, human stories, self inserts, or unoriginal OCs.
Fluttershy is best mane 6 pony
Rarity is worst pony period
Spike is very under appreciated
Zecora needs more air time
These are facts
My favorite ships are:
Braeburn X Soarin
Zecora X Discord
Discord X Spike
Zecora X Fluttershy
Twilight X Trixie
Spike X Fluttershy
Spike X Luna
Luna X Fluttershy
Spike X Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle X Silver Spoon
Luna X Twilight
Chrysalis X Shining Armor
Celestia X Chrysalis
Chrysalis X Fluttershy
Luna X Chrysalis
Spike X Chrysalis

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