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Welcome to all things Steven Magnet~!
An absolute selection of FABULOUS stories all focusing on everypony's favorite sexy mustached and well-manicured sea serpent~!
Ooooh, for far too long has Stephen Steven Magnet been shunned out of the beloved spotlight!
Come fics and fans of all shores and let Steven's sexy scales shine once again!
-All story types are accepted as long as Steven is featured as the protagonist or a main supporting character.
(Having him as a small camo appearance in a long multi-chaptered story-arch isn't accepted. Steven's glory must shine at every waking moment.)
-Keep things fabulous! (No harassment of other authors, follow site rules, etc.)
All featured artwork belongs to their respective artists!
If an artist wishes for their work to be removed, it will be done without complaint.
Of course, a special thank you to all the contributing artists! It's all FABULOUS, of course!

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Oh, do you know what would be just fabulous?! If Rarity and Steven Magnet went on a Canterlot shopping spree, or went to a trip to the spa, or had a tea party! :raritystarry:

I watched Princess Twilight Sparkle. ¬°I love it! I did spot 1 missed opportunity:

Rather than the other 5 rescuing Princess Twilight Sparkle from the Cragadile, Steven Magnet should have done it. Steven Magnet rescuing Princess Twilight Sparkle would have been


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