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Octascratch Prompt Collab: Two new shorts posted daily, 100th Special coming to you soon!

Miss Ponyville: Chapter 3, Arched, recently posted. Chapter 4 to be started.

Washed Away: Chapter 7, Ash, recently posted. Chapter 8 to be started.

The Five: Into the Beyond: Chapter 18, Hope and Haste, recently posted. Chapter 19,War, under way, clocking in at 610 horsewords.

Tales of the Colts Grimm: Under Hiatus, but Chapter 3 is currently at 323 words.

Sunscreen and Jet Planes, A Hoof Heights Story: Sapphire Shores and Jill Jewel, and The Sea's Pearl: All complete, possible sequels?


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Favorite Ships

Favorite Ships: This does not mean I write about them, just that I like them :) 20 is least favorite and 1 is best!:twilightsheepish:

19. Scootarumble






13. Neonscratch (Neon Lights and Vinyl Scratch)



10. Heartburnhttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608012896630934472&pid=15.1&P=0




6. Moonlight

5. Spinky
Spike and Dinky Doo (no picture exists of them)

3. Octascratch


1. Chrylight


Since my bio doesn't work, here it is:
I'm about a half a year old brony age.
And what my bio would be:
An excerpt from the Brony's Dictionary
One who loves and is clearly obsessed with Lyra Heartstrings, but has yet to write a story about her.
That's all!

New Prompt Collab by me.

I have created a prompt collab for the wonderful romance of Octascratch. Here is a link if you are interested. LINK!
Hope you choose to join us!

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you really are gone huh?

How are the OC's coming?

I accidentally un favorited your Ocavia Scratch collab :fluttercry:
Please forgive me. I will refav it really quickly.

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My Favorite Things

Mane 6: Rarity
CMC: Apple Bloom
Filly: Dinky Doo
Colt: Rumble
Mare(Non Mane 6): Sapphire Shores
Stallion:Big Mac
Princess: Luna
OC by me: Jill Jewel
Fanfic: Past Sins

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New Collab! · 7:33pm Nov 30th, 2014

I am doing a collaboration with the amazing RarityTookManehattan!
The first chapter is out, and the next two are ready to be posted, with more to come! It was written for the Weekly Contests's month long contest for their 100 member mark.

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