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Short prompt-based minifics from the MoonLight group. Snark and dark and moonlit romance ahead!

Individual authors linked at the top of each chapter.

If you'd like to contribute, check out the thread and follow the rules.

Rated Teen for potential sauciness.

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I must've missed this one in the thread! This was hilarious.

The romance will last forever!
:facehoof: Nighty...

why did this get added as a twilightXrainbowdash?

Derp. Trying to add groups from a tablet.

YES YES YES! Finaly a Moonlight Collab. How could I miss this?? Well time to read!:raritystarry:
I hope this one gets at least half as much attention as the Twiluna/Twilestia Collab's.

Aaaaaaand... Featured! Thanks, everyone. Best Nightmare and Best Nightmare's Buttmonkey Consort really appreciate it.

I swear to all the gods, where the hell do these keep coming from?

I'm about to break out the broom and beat these collabs back with it they start to pile up in my favourites list.

This is beautiful... you're beautiful

Oh Nightie, you're such a dork!

brooding, dark, sexy, fat ass.

She does NOT have a fat ass! She is slender, toned, and firm! And highly spankable!
Also, Luna and Nightmare exist as two separate entities? This should be good.

Twilight demanded as she stood and pushed into Nightmare Moon’s personal space, somehow managing to look intimidating next to the alicorn who was nearly twice her size.

It's a talent all women have. I know this one woman at work, half my size, and I listen to and obey her like a dog listen's to his master.

Two bottles!:rainbowderp::facehoof: Why do so few recognize Best Pony when they see her?

Spear Shaker’s

Twilight wants the Night...mare.

“Pretty please with an extra hour of night on top?”

Gotta use that one. Thanks!:ajsmug:

“If you wish to relieve some tension, I could help with that, too.”

Aw yeah! Nightmare's gettin' laid!

Already featured! Sweet stuff

“The choice was perfect, with an onyx coat like mine and a predator much like I am!”

Predator? I scratch behind her ears and she drops whatever she's doing, falls to the floor and let her tongue hang out.

from the bush came a small deep grey pup made from wood.

This is actually a good pet for her.

This chapter is disgustingly short.

Holy shit, this exists.
I'll join you shortly.

Huh, apparently Luna/Nightmare Moon Is best pony.

Twilight x Nightmare forever together.

Yes, Twilight would know something about obsession, wouldn't she?

Nice first story! :twilightsmile:

Aww, Nighty only wants some attention. :fluttercry:


“Pretty please?” Nightmare was on her hooves now.
“The physical appearance of the word please has no bearing on my decision.” Nightmare sighed at Twilight’s lengthy reply.

ROFLOL! That is so Twilight! And more a-d'awwwwwable Nighty begging. *neeeee!*

Hmm, cool idea with the Nebula Rose.

Nighty is so dedicated to Twilight, making her a gift like that. :heart:

And caaaaan you feeeeeel the looooove to--*PUNCH!* ...owwwwwwww...

The diabeetus...I need insulin STAT...

It's one thing to buy a girl a rose. Giving her a space-flower is on another level entirely.

Twilight's scientific response to please sounds like something Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say.

What's an all powerful goddess without a reckless display of power?

4959406 I dare take it you approve of something. :twilightsmile:

First two chapters are good, third is too short to say anything about. The fourth isn't very good. Some basic punctuation mistakes and forced writing.

irate alicorn of lavender colouration.


Chapter 5 is the best of the first 5. :ajsmug:

Oh, poor Twilight, poor Nightmare...

what just happend?

Personally, I think it would be funnier if Nightmare had used the hammer instead of throwing the owner, but this is good too. :yay:

“I told you when you were considering which animal to be your pet that intimidation and power are less necessary than it [=they] used to be. We, Equestria prefers [wrong grammar for the 'we' pronoun] to show diplomacy and a softer touch than the strong iron hooves that were needed over a millenium ago. There is less of a need to show power, here [should be start of a new sentence] we try to emphasis [=emphasize] equality when possible I realize [missing punctuation, now one trainwreck of a sentence] there is a contradiction with how Equestria is still a monarchy but [more missing punctuation] you have to understand that a great portion of the royal powers have been granted to others.

Couldn't read on, too much of a trainwreck.

Oh dear. This is certainly the most disturbing of these that y'all've written so far.

Nightmare Moon is in love with Twilight, who I suspect she abducted. Unable to get Twilight's affections due to... well, being rather monstrous in both form and actions, she put a rune set on her head to make Twilight see her as Luna, and possibly hide away some of her memories (or she doesn't remember anything that happened while she had the runes active, as she certainly wasn't like she was before when Nightmare turned them on again). It makes me wonder if Twilight was already in a relationship with Luna at that point, or if Nightmare Moon won her over after taking her away (or maybe Luna became Nightmare Moon again for some reason, and wasn't willing to let go of her relationship with Twilight?). And just how long this situation's been going on. And just how many times she's had to start over. And where the Mane Six, Spike, Celestia, and maybe Luna are (if Luna isn't Nightmare Moon again).

Well, this one has some seriously dark undertones on it... I am intrigued! :trollestia:

Like I said in the thread, I really liked this piece. It reminds me of the best parts of Twilight, Revised by Vimbert the Unimpressive without the overt manipulation of Twilight to harm her and Celestia at the same time.

If you do ever expand on it, Pearp, and I'm not suggestion you should, I'd read the hell out of it.

I know that you didn't like it but this was useful. For me, my grammar is sometimes off especially regarding sentence breaks and punctuation. The whole emphasis/emphasize is because the two words for me can sound similar, which makes it confusing on which one to use.

why was she calling celestia, lady celestia?
and lady applejack?

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