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Still alive · 1:00am Jul 28th, 2015

Just letting you all know I'm still alive, but won't be active for a while again, due to IRL shit building up

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Write and finish a fic [x]

Get in the featured box [ ]

Get followed by Skeeter the Lurker [x]

Get followed by IJAB [x]

Get followed by Knightly [ ] (aiming high here)

Become a group admin [x]

Co author a fic [ ]

Get a commissioned drawing of OC [x]

Get 10 followers [x]

Get 25 followers [x]

Get 50 followers [ ]

Get 100+ followers [ ]

Achieve Brony wide world domination [ ]

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I've enjoyed exploring the "head canon" or "personal fanon" of others, too. It's nice to have a community/marketplace of ideas in that regard... at least until canon ruins the party!:rainbowlaugh:

Indeed... well said. When people say things like "The fandom isn't as nice as it used to be" I always wonder "Then why aren't you trying to make it better?" Hence, visiting folks who haven't had a post in their comments section for awhile and the like.:twilightsmile:

1624993 I've enjoyed my time rather well, and on here I think the best thing is everyones ehad cannons.

Worst thing about the fandom I believe is the fandom if you get what I mean?

So, how have you enjoyed your time in the fandom so far in general, and on FIMFiction specifically? What have been the best parts and the worst parts for you?

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