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Filthy Hobbitses from Middle Earth

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1146719 what cloud said. that's exactly what it is. I think it's face is hilarious so I used it.

1147078 Yeah I believe most the childrens rides are actually owned by a single company that all the parks buy from; where as, the bigger name brand rides are actually owned by the parks.

Okay, cool, it looked a lot like the one we used to have in the them park "Tivoli Friheden" in Denmark with almost the same name just, you know in Danish. :ajsmug:

1146719 It's a roller coaster called The Centipede/Caterpillar for small children. A lot of amusement parks have it, such as Six Flags, Cedar Point, and King's Island.

Hallo Batgirl, I just have to ask where did you find the pic for your profile and what is it? :rainbowhuh:

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