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I wouldn't pander to anyone. I like my stories and I write them because I think there are others who would enjoy them. I do not create "shock" fics or any fics to adhere to people. I'm not here to make as many people follow me as possible or even to please my followers. I'm here to write fiction I've come up with about ponies, draconequus, gryphons, minotaurs, changelings, and, yes, dragons in the hope that others who can will enjoy them.

World be damned, Anarchy and Chaos eternal


Update on the Story · 3:52am January 9th

I can see Paradise by the dashboard lights /whistle

Anyways, now that you've all been subjected to my terrible singing, you're welcome, quick information update. We are currently in the middle of edits, due to some original minor issues things got held back a bit, but with only 18 pages and just short of 6k words, this hopefully will take a fair bit less time to edit than your average chapter of Weekend.

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Chai tea or Coffee with lots of sugar and creamer >_>

Tea or coffee?

Thanks for the Fave on Where Dragons Rule

The updates are just long apart because of life and working two jobs atm

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