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I wouldn't pander to anyone. I like my stories and I write them because I think there are others who would enjoy them. I do not create "shock" fics or any fics to adhere to people. I'm not here to make as many people follow me as possible or even to please my followers. I'm here to write fiction I've come up with about ponies, draconequus, gryphons, minotaurs, changelings, and, yes, dragons in the hope that others who can will enjoy them.

World be damned, Anarchy and Chaos eternal


Writing on My New Story Done! · 5:57am Yesterday

So yeah, 11k words and 43 pages later! Now the editing can begin and then the posting.

Editing has a way of adding another 1000 words at this size, should be fun.

Anyways, prepare the tissues you'll be needing them! :raritywink:

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Would you be willing to take a request?

Understandable. I hope you get some free time soon. If only to refresh.

I still right just at a much slower and more limited amount of time. I swapped jobs and my shifts are... awkward and rather draining usually. On top of that, the rest of my freetime has a way of being consumed by one thing or another. I'd love to write more but it's hard to find the opportunities to get to do so and get everything else I need to or want to get done. Hell, I can't even seem to make the time to play DnD more than once a month now.

I should note that there's a potential light in the not super far off future that will reduce some of my work load massively and hopefully allow me to do a lot more.

How come you've stopped writing?

You and grimm reaper were kings bqck in the day. Inspirations too.

  • Viewing 671 - 675 of 675
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