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I am a reviewer for visual media and games I enjoy doing reviews if you would like me to review a book let me know when the book is complete and I will review it as I would any other media I review

current status of reviews+ other

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My Fic's

Well sense none of the books I have so far that I'm working on are related to the MLP universe other then the fact that one of the books is a Antro pony based story they will be posted some where else when they are complete. As they don't comply with the Story posting rules of the site.

Anyway more on the storys if I get enough questions about them but for now I'm working on the anthro story when I get time between reviews and house work.


Questions of the Minds #3 · 4:39am Jul 19th, 2015

Ok so here is something I just thought about not to long ago actually so its a but of gargled mess even by my brains standards.

So if gaming improves reaction times (at least for those that play fast paced games like CoD, L4D, Arma{2,3} and any others that require a extremely fast reaction to the flood of information {halo anyone?} to determent the best course of action) Then why is it that most professionals be it for or against violent games say that its a waste of time?

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About Me

I'm a reviewer for Visual media and a gamer (I occasionally review written media as well). I was born in late of 1990 (the beginning of the internet boom and gaming boom from console, hand held and PC gaming) I've seen my generation rise and fall both in gaming and IRL.

The image for my profile is the mark I chose for my OC I created as a promise to a debt I owed a few years back and it represents Me not only as a person but my views as it states on my Deviant art page
"The 2 swords represent my way of thinking (sheathed meaning don't care and unsheathed meaning I'll acted on it)
The swirling red disk represents how dark and twisted my mind can get(also my mind can be a chaotic mess of philosophical phrases that I don't even understand)"

yes that is what it means and always have I had 2 modes for the most part either don't really care or I care enough that I will state my opinion then if the other party doesn't respond in a way that allows or merits a response then I leave my statement where its at.

I'm not really a troller though it is a art form to master it.

With 4 years of Drafting and architecture schooling under my belt and 2 years of art classes, 4 full years of shop classes that required a eagle eye for spotting changes in positioning of objects or even light thin lines I have spent over 10 years using my eyes to spot small differences in a visual medium.

To me reviewing is a thing I enjoy I have 2 books on the back burner as I'm bad at staying on track if and when I get bored(no joke I even get to the point in my main 3 games on my computer I will just run around looking of something to kill or run back and forth training my peripheral vision.)

On top of all that I have bad memory when it comes to remembering thing that I have to recall in the real world and even names and numbers. Not to mention even things I've watched that I liked (case in point galaxy angles { there is a show similar to it that has 3 gods fighting and I can't recall the name} so ya point proven)

Anyway as I said I'm a reviewer and one that likes to keep people striving for the same or higher quality. Even in shows that I review I rate on the same scale trying to not be Bias on a media that I'm reviewing. (though with a bad memory its kind of hard to keep a bias of a show honestly)

With that said, If and when you need a review of a fic let me know and I will see if I can read it and give a review IF I'm not swamped with my patron stuff.

P.S. if it is a clopfic let me know ahead of time so I know what I'm reading. Even though I do blind reviews of anime and movies those have context that can be found with a quick but spoiler free overview on the show.

Foaly Reviews


Review/comment Love is Blind · 4:37am Mar 31st, 2019

Love is Blind by dirty little secret

Wish there was a continuation again
9/10 very accurate to the situation would love to see more

Reveiw and explanation below the fold

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Quick thing people sense I haven't posted in a while i'm still around just been busy with my main games event at the moment (its a limited time event where you can only get this stuff during the even and once they end it that stuff be unattainable) so ya if you follow me let me know why cause
1. I'm curious
2. why did I deserve your follow in the first place.... let git WHY...

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