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Questions of the Minds #3 · 4:39am Jul 19th, 2015

Ok so here is something I just thought about not to long ago actually so its a but of gargled mess even by my brains standards.

So if gaming improves reaction times (at least for those that play fast paced games like CoD, L4D, Arma{2,3} and any others that require a extremely fast reaction to the flood of information {halo anyone?} to determent the best course of action) Then why is it that most professionals be it for or against violent games say that its a waste of time?

honestly I think its cause they don't see what Gamers are capable of doing when the time comes. I've been a gamer ever sense I got my first NES fucking hell did I play the shit out of that thing. Now a bit of back story on why this popped up in the first place and Why I thought I should post this in this series of questions of the mind.

Back in my senor year of high school (09) my computer programming teacher had a siesure during class and fucking about scared the shit out this girl that was asking for help at the time when it happened I was the one who anilized the situation repetitively fast for a high schooller with no emergency reponse training...

I was the only one who relised at that moment that things needed to be done I think or at least the one to take charge and get shit done.

But I ended up telling someone to call the cops and get a ambulance over to the GTI (granite Technical Institute) and also go and get the principle and a teacher ASAN (as soon as now) yes even back then I used that term when it wasn't needed then but I drilled it into my mind that if shit went down shit needed to get done.

I think that is what helped in that situation well that and I'm a natural leader when it comes down to it (or at least that's what everyone tells me at any rate honestly I just like to get stuff done so I don't have to worry about it later)

But now that I look back I think all my years playing Fast paced games like duck hunt and other fast paced retro games may have helped back then. I'm still a Gamer to this day so there is that but it has me thinking why is it that people still think its a waste of time?

one Idea is that they them selves don't under stand the reaction time window of most fast paced RTS (Real time strategy games{there are other acronyms that use that as well so just to be safe) some are as few as 5 frames.... now for example the average male has a reaction time of 200-300 Milliseconds and in a game like Dead or Alive that runs at 60 Frames per/second thats about 15 for a normal male human but a females reaction time is about 20 milliseconds slower which isn't sexist its science and facts done over decades of research from multiple age groups. how much would that equate to about 1 frame longer so 2-3 frames for males and 2.2-3.2 for females which doesn't seem like much..

But think about it this way you have 1 second to decide a action to take in real life so if each hundredth of a second is 1 frame then that means that your average run of the mill Male will react in 2-3 frames while a Female will react in 2.2-3.2 Frames.

Just remember that there are 1000 Milliseconds in 1 second and they go by fast and you wonder why then need a thousandth of a second to measure sports races anyway enough of my scattered knowledge.

So why is it that Gamers are looked down on still when in reality we as people already react fast as it is... well a study was done that showed that gamers that played fast paced games that require millisecond perstition and accuracy (no they are not the same thing) react about 25% faster than those who don't.

Thus we come to a cross roads who is better suited to hold highly dangerous jobs that require split second decisions... the child playing CoD and getting pissed over a game almost every chance they get or some average person on the street...

Personally I'd question the mental state first then go from there but hey that's just me.

That's this Questions of the mind

what do you all think?

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