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About my OC

Name: Wild Flame [She got the name from her Flamethrowers]

Faction: Maximare [Maximal]

Rank: Cyberspace Warrior

Transformations: Robotic Battle Armor [Almost like Sari's Battle Armor]

Weapons: Flamethrowers which comes out of the Hooves and Wing missiles which come out of the tip of the wings.

Strengths and weaknesses: *Strengths: Her hind legs because she does a powerful kick. *Weaknesses: Low energy

History: A stasis pod crashed at Equestria in the middle of Everfree Forrest. A robot life form a merged from the stasis pod and scanned a Pegasus pony flying by. The young Maximare took on a form of a pink Pegasus, Her Cutie mark was the Maximal Symbol. Wild Flame went on a search to find new friends. Unfortunately a Predacolt [Predacon] named Cryotrotek found her. He convinced the young Maximare to join the Predacolts. The young Maximare did not feel right being with the Predacolts. So she change her activation code into Maximare again. The young Maximare ran off to search for new friends to meet. She met up with 4 robotic friends and formed a team call the Cyberspace Warriors, They would fight the evil Predacolts and keep everypony safe from them.

Wild Flame© by 

The Pony Creator picture was by 

My Little Pony Magic of Friendship© by 

The Robotic Armor Idea was by  [Derrick James Wyatt Inspired me to create a battle armor almost like Sari's.]

Transformers Beast Wars© by  


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